Before you Ride Guide: Electric Scooters

Before you Ride Guide: Electric Scooters - GOTRAX

We know you are excited to start riding your electric scooter. However, there are few things we'd like to go over with you before you begin. We will walk you through setup, simple checks, controls, riding techniques, and more so you will be prepared on the very first ride on your GOTRAX electric scooter. Luckily, we have thousands of hours in riding experience so we have you covered on all the things you'll need in our Before you Ride Guide for Electric Scooters

1. Assembly

Your electric scooter will come 90% pre-built, so you'll have minimal work do when you finally get your escooter. You will receive the electric scooter itself, the console, charger, manual, air extension tube, screws, and an allen wrench. The console will already be partially connected to the tiller via a brake line which can be adjusted as needed on the brake caliper. You can find the console screws next and get the console into position. Don't forget to connect the wires extended out of the console and tiller as is is the primary connection between the digital display/throttle and the rest of the electric scooter. If you need a better visual for this step take a look at one of our Official GOTRAX Unboxings.  

Once you have fully assembled your electric scooter you need to do just a few more checks before you start hitting the throttle. 

2. Double Check Everything!

Your GOTRAX electric scooter does come pre-built which saves you time and a headache but it can also lead to small issues. However, with a few quick fixes you will be ready to ride. First, check your tires. The air-filled pneumatic tires should be at or slightly below the recommended psi. Take a look at the sidewall of your tire and it will show the recommended tire pressure. This varys model to model but utilizing your air extension hose and a regular bike pump will do the trick. It is important to have your tires fully filled to avoid pinching the tire tube which can often lead to flats. 

Second, check the braking caliper, disc brake, and brake handles. You can roll your escooter while it is off and squeeze on the brakes to ensure it is tight enough. You may also hear a slight squeaking noise but you can easily adjust the brake caliper to avoid having to listen to them on your entire ride. If you ever run into any issues attempting to adjust your brakes you can reach out to our Customer Support and our team will be able to assist. Finally, double check the screws & bolts on your electric scooter to ensure they are properly attached. You should be all set and ready to turn your electric scooter on for the first time. Don't forget to remove the plastic film protecting the LED screen so you can see your readouts properly. 

3. Digital Display Controls

Primarily your LED Digital display will give you readouts on speed, remaining battery life, and headlight control. For some of our newer models, before you can get to the main display screen and start riding you need to input a default digital code. This helps deter theft so they can't just power on your escooter and ride away. Additionally, a select number of these models also come with an integrated manual tiller lock for an added layer of security. Anyway, you will primarily control your electric scooters function through the power button and the buttons around it. Typically, a "+" or "-" will be your other options on the handlebars to adjust settings. These control speed settings, customizing your display or adjusting from mph to kph. 

GOTRAX GMAX Ultra LED Digital Display
You can see a full list of your electric scooters console functions in the manual that came with it. We strongly recommend giving the manual a thorough read so you can find out every detail you'd like to know about your ride. If you ever misplace your manual you won't have to stress, we have digital versions available 24/7 whenever they may be needed. Lastly, check your headlight and brake light so that you can see the way ahead of you and let other commuters know when you are coming to a stop. 

4. How to Kick to Start

You're finally ready to take ride. After going through all the necessary checks, it is time. Make sure the electric scooter is charged and functioning properly. Find a comfortable position to kick off from and begin pushing off like you are on a regular kick scooter. Once you reach between 2-3 mph, lightly press on the throttle. Your electric scooter will not start if you press the throttle before or while you are pushing off so be sure to only press the throttle until after you hit the minimum speed. It can be a little nerve wracking being a first time rider, but just take your time and get comfortable with it. It may take a while but even the most novice riders can become experts with patience. Just don't forget to wear your helmet whether you are riding two minutes or two miles. 

5. After You Ride

GOTRAX Eclipse Electric ScooterCongratulations! You are officially a GOTRAX electric scooter rider. You've now joined over 1,000,000+ riders since we started making escooters in 2017. Now is the time to take care of your ride so it can take care of you. You want to first check for flats, riding in cities or in parks there tends to be a lot of debris that can puncture a tire so be sure you are keeping an eye on them after every ride. Depending on how far you went, check your battery level and be sure to properly charge your electric scooter. Standard charge times, from absolute zero, on average range between 4-5 hours. However, just keep an eye on the light on your charger to see when it turns from red to green. Once it is green, your electric scooter is fully charged and ready for your next adventure. 

We hope this Before You Ride Guide for Electric Scooters has properly prepared you for the world of being an escooter owner. Be sure to reach out to us through our Instagram by taking a photo of you and your scooter with the hashtag #ridegotrax and you could be featured in our story! 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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