How to Change the Brakes on your Gotrax Electric Scooter

How to Change the Brakes on your Gotrax Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

Changing Your Gotrax Electric Scooter Brakes

Brake Calipers create the friction necessary to slow down your Electric Scooter to a safe stop. The ones sold at also include the brake pads on them so you don't have to worry about replacing those as well. They are simple to replace as well in just 7 easy steps. The steps and video down below will ensure your brakes are replaced in on time so you can get back to riding your Gotrax Scooter safely.

Tools Needed: 

4mm Allen Screw


Step 1.

Remove the two upward facing screws using a 4mm Allen screw and be sure to keep them in a safe location until they are reattached. Be careful NOT to strip/damage the screws. 

Step 2.

Loosen the Screw that is facing the rear tire at an angle. DO NOT REMOVE. 

Step 3.

Remove the Brake Cable. Be sure not to damage the cable. 

Step 4. 

Remove the Cable Line.

Step 5. 

Remove the Break Caliper Unit.

Step 6.

Attach your new Break Caliper Unit and follow steps 1-5 in reverse. 

Step 7.

Test out your new brakes, wear a helmet and have fun. 


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