Product Overview: The Alpine Fat Tire eBike

Product Overview: The Alpine Fat Tire eBike - GOTRAX

Fat tire electric bikes have become some of the most popular electric rides, and for good reason - these capable rides handle all sorts of terrain with ease, tackling both on-road streets and off-road trails effortlessly. They're so effective, in fact, that fat tire e-bikes occupy a spot in nearly every e-bike catalog. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to parse through your options and find the ride that best suits your needs. We at GOTRAX, however, thought there should be a definitive choice for riders looking to try a fat tire eBike.

Say hello to the Alpine, our newest fat tire electric bike. This handy and powerful ride has a whole host of fun, useful, and enjoyable features that will take your rides to the next level. To help you get to know our newest bike, we'll be giving you an overview of everything the Alpine has to offer.

As a fat tire electric bike, the Alpine sports 4” wide off-road tires capable of handling all sorts of riding environments, eating up any jolts and shocks from the road with ease. To keep your rides even smoother, the Alpine also comes with front suspension, which you can adjust to suit the terrain. This makes the Alpine perfect not only for bumpy city streets, but also for rough gravel trails, unpaved dirt paths, and so much more.

On top of that, no matter how difficult the road ahead may be, the Alpine is more than ready to do most of the hard work for you. The Alpine features both pedal assist and throttle, letting riders decide how much effort they want to put into pedaling on their journeys- if they even pedal at all. Its powerful 500-watt rear-wheel motor takes the bike to speeds of up to 25 miles per hour on pedal assist and 20 miles per hour on throttle, keeping your rides swift on all kinds of terrain. Plus, with a 48 volt, 13.5 Ah battery, the Alpine can keep rides going for miles on end, getting you to your destination with ease.

Two people riding side by side on Alpine Fat Tire eBikes

While these features alone make the Alpine a capable and dependable ride, this e-bike comes with a number of other convenient extras that make your rides as easy as possible. Its full-color digital display offers real-time updates on your speed, mileage, battery life, and more, all while giving you control of key settings like a digital passcode and display units. Its storage racks, meanwhile, make hauling cargo you couldn’t otherwise carry a breeze.

With all of these features combined, the Alpine already offers an incredible value at its regular price of just $1,499. However, for a limited time during the launch period, we’re offering $500 off the Alpine, bringing its total price down to just $999. That’s an incredible deal on an amazing ride. The Alpine isn't available just yet, but riders can pre-order the Alpine to guarantee they get our newest ride at its best price, so if you’re interested in taking this bike for a spin, hurry and secure your Alpine today

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