Beat Your Boredom this Summer with Sensible Solutions by GOTRAX

Beat Your Boredom this Summer with Sensible Solutions by GOTRAX - GOTRAX

As the weather warms up, break from school begins, and springtime shifts to summer, boredom is bound to ensue. However, GOTRAX provides plenty of strategies to stay busy this season with the release of our newest hoverboards, like the SRX A6, SRX Mini, Hoverfly E3 Off Road, and Remix. Featuring brand new capabilities and teeming with the potential to reinvigorate your summer routine, hoverboards are a great way to arrive in style to your favorite seasonal activities. Plus, these fun-filled accessories are a dependable source of entertainment while enduring bouts of warm weather weariness and scorching hot temperatures. Bring your hoverboard along for the ride while you solve seasonal boredom with our go-to recommendations.

Host A Block Party

One way to kick off the summer season is by gathering friends and families for a block party. Neighborhood socials are a great way to spend time in the sunshine, meet new neighbors, enjoy warm weather activities, and guarantee fun for all ages. We suggest gathering your grillable food favorites for an outdoor barbecue, made complete with burgers and brews for adults and watermelon and lemonade for the younger attendees. No summer block party is complete, however, without the introduction of nostalgic recreation, so grab the Slip n’ Slide from storage and fill up water balloons in preparation for everyone’s favorite festivities. Lacking these old school favorites? No problem. Plenty of DIY games await by accessing common household items. Grab a bandana and choose a partner for an ultra-competitive three-legged race, use pillowcases to organize rivals for a sack race, and get creative to craft a custom cornhole tournament. When the relays are complete, crank up the tunes and practice dance moves on your SRX A6 Bluetooth hoverboard. Stand-out LED wheels offer extra flair for riders, and the all-new self-balancing mode makes transitioning on and off the board a seamless endeavor. Most importantly, the Bluetooth speaker will play your favorite summer hits while you cruise up to 6.5 mph, traveling up to four miles per single charge. Appreciate the hoverboard’s 400 watt motor, 24 volt battery, and modern body design as you ride through the community, jamming out in style.

Visit A Local Park

Another great way to celebrate the summer season involves visiting a nearby park. Armed with a picnic basket, cold drinks, and refreshing snacks, enjoy the fresh air and observe the wildlife. Parks are the perfect place to break a sweat, so bring your favorite sporting equipment for an impromptu game of frisbee, baseball, or soccer. Try something new like flying a kite on a windy day or relaxing with a sunny yoga session. While you work on your tan in between water gun fights and games of tag, the little ones will enjoy exploring the playground and cruising the basketball and tennis courts on their SRX mini hoverboard. As the first hoverboard designed with kids in mind, the device makes the entire experience easy to master by travelling at a safe speed limit of six miles per hour. Plus, this hoverboard for kids has built-in carrying handles which aid in portability and facilitate storage options. With four awesome colors to choose from, grab a matching helmet and watch as the 150 watt dual motors and 25.2 volt battery keeps your kid cruising for hours in self-balancing mode, adding an exciting element to your day at the park.

Recharge in Nature

Whether you’ve always enjoyed nature’s scenic views or are looking to develop a new hobby that’s proven to reduce stress, consider planning a trip to a national or state park near you. Here, you can replenish your patience and avoid the rushed pace of everyday life in a big city, and there’s a variety of activities that may spark your interest. Whether you’re flying solo or traveling in a large group, camping presents a great way to get in tune with your sense of direction, respect for nature, and is sure to send you home with a greater appreciation for modern conveniences. Roasting s’mores, pitching tents, and learning to cook with fire are all valuable life lessons. Additionally, there are plenty of daytime activities to complete, like going fishing, hiking trails, or perhaps adventuring by bike! Oftentimes, national parks provide information regarding local wildlife and popular hiking routes so take advantage of these options, too. The best GOTRAX gadget to pack on your overnight camping trip is the Hoverfly E3 Off Road hoverboard, uniquely designed to accompany you on dirt roads or grassy plains. Our highest performing board is equipped with 8.5-inch tires, and this rugged edition’s characteristics check all the boxes for a camping trip essential. The E3 provides users with a tech-inspired look, built-in carrying handles, and an impressive Bluetooth speaker that will allow you to enjoy campfire sing-a-longs without suppressing the tranquil sounds of nature. Along with a self-balancing mode for safety in the wild, its 500 watt motor, 36 volt battery, and ability to hold five miles per charge allows you to glide through the outdoors in style. Lastly, the E3 offers a speed limit of 8.1 miles per hour, which means you can cover some serious ground during your weekend adventure or weeklong vacation.

Become a Viral Sensation

If you’re interested in trying out “staycation” vibes this summer, create your own fun from the comfort of your living room by choreographing a new dance or routine. With the rise in popularity of apps like TikTok, there’s no shortage of creative dances and skits waiting to be performed and uploaded. Dancing, singing, and lip-syncing are great ways to let loose and have fun with friends, so tap into your inner thespian with your Remix Self-Balancing Hoverboard to create an innovative production. The Remix is the perfect prop for performing a two-wheeled dance trend, as its self-balancing control mechanisms will allow you better stability to master your moves. Plus, it offers superior performance with dual 200 watt motors and a powerful 25.2 volt lithium battery that will propel you up to 6.5 miles per hour. Recharging in a mere four to five hours, you’ll be disco-ing the night away with light up LED wheels, 6.5 inch non-slip rubber tires, and shock-absorbing pedals. Suited for individuals of all ages and electric safety certified, the Remix is bound to make a statement in the world of viral videos in no time.

While summers of the past may have left you begging for an early fall, this is the year to beat your boredom, try out some new activities, and bring your favorite style of hoverboard along for the ride.

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