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SRX Bluetooth Hoverboard

The SRX is the first of the SRX series, with redesigned frame and wheels. This bluetooth hoverboard is very powerful with a 36v battery, putting out 400 watts. One of the funnest boards to ride, helped by built-in bluetooth speakers. The SRX has LED lights, so you can ride anytime, even if you’re scared of the dark. Lastly this board comes with a self balancing mode, which when activated will keep the hoverboard’s deck even with the ground, to make it easy to get on the board at any experience level.

ECO Hoverfly Hoverboard for Sale

The ECO Hoverfly is the #1 selling hoverboard by GOTRAX. The Eco is the longest running model carried by GOTRAX and is one of the most affordable, hence its name Eco. It has a very modest and simple design. The Eco comes in in 7 fun colors, including the very popular Galaxy design! This model also boasts led lights in the deck, so you can show off your style everywhere you ride. Although this hoverboard doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you can find on some of the higher priced hoverboards, it is extremely reliable and very user friendly. This Eco has dual 200 watt motors, giving it the ability to carry passengers of up to 220lbs! It’s not a terrible idea to wear a helmet on this hoverboard, as you can be whipping around at up to 7.4mph. The battery, certified to UL 2272 electrical standards, will take you 4 miles on a single charge. The Eco also sports classic solid rubber tires which give the hoverboard great control, particularly on flat and even surfaces.

ION Self Balancing Hoverboard

The future of electric rideables is here with the addition of the Ion hoverboard to GOTRAX’ Hoverfly series. The Ion has a completely rethought frame design and as a result the board weighs a total of 20lbs. This lighter model still offers a reliable frame with a greater ability to take the board with you. The Ion is also a perfect hoverboard for younger riders! Much like its predecessor, the Ion, has dual 200 watt motors. This exceptionally light hoverboard can carry passengers up to 220lbs and reach speeds up to 7mph. The battery of this hoverboard will last up to 4 miles, and charges in 4 hours. 

What makes the Ion really stand out is it’s self balancing mode! Self Balancing Mode is function that activates the gyroscopics of the hoverboard, making the deck level with the surface below it. A hoverboard in self balancing mode is much easier to get on and off, making the Ion hoverboard a perfect option for beginners and less experienced riders. Another safety feature of the Ion is its intuitive LED headlights/rear lights. This ensures that you’re path forward is lit and you are always visible.

SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids

 Say hello to one of the top rated hoverboards for kids on the market! The Mini is part of GOTRAX’ SRX series, an updated and refreshed collection from the Hoverfly series, and comes in 4 colors that kids will love. One of the best innovations about this hoverboard is the body and frame of the hoverboard. The SRX Mini is one of the lightest hoverboards to date, weighing in at only 15lbs. In addition to the exceptionally lightweight, the Mini has 2 integrated handles in the body of the hoverboard. These unique design features were implemented specifically for kids, these hoverboards are light enough for kids to take them anywhere with them and the handles make the carrying process an intuitive breeze.

The SRX Mini also features a self balancing mode, which keeps the hoverboard’s deck level with the ground. This makes it easier and safer for kids to get on the hoverboard, with just the press of a button. The Mini is built with dual 150 watt motors, giving top speeds of 6.2mph and a max weight of 132lbs. The 25.2v battery of the Mini lasts for 3 miles of fun and adventure. The design and specs of the SRX Mini make it a perfect hoverboard for kids to safely enjoy


Remix Self Balancing Hoverboard

The Remix Hoverboard is the newest $100 hoverboard from GOTRAX. We took our best aspects from the Hoverfly and Ion series to create the ultimate intro hoverboard. This product boasts 400 watts of motor strength and a reliable 25.5V UL certified battery. The Remix can travel up to 4 miles on this. The Remix is also very safe as it tops out at 6.5mph with GOTRAX famous self balancing design. The Remix is styled to match any riders as it comes in black, teal, and pink. We've also given it a fresh look with LED lights in the board and flashy new wheels. You can find the Remix Self Balancing Hoverboard on our website!

How Did Hoverboards get so popular?

Hoverboards are popular. This may be hard for some to believe but, these once thought impossible vehicle has now permeated into many of our lives. They didn’t rise to relevance in the same way that electric scooters did, appearing in cities around the world as if delivered by Santa Claus himself. Instead hoverboards grew to relevance through pop culture and social media. One notable celebrity repping hoverboards is Wiz Khalifa, who was arrested in the LAX airport for riding it through the terminal. Other notable hoverboarders would be NBA Star J.R. Smith, who rode one in to Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals, and Kendall Jenner. Much like the advent of the Segway, these gyroscopic powered vehicles can revolutionize transportation and commuting. And of course who can forget the infamous videos of hoverboards on fire in late 2015. Since then hoverboards have been greatly improved, with the addition of UL certified (Underwriter Laboratories) batteries, which is now the standard for safety in the industry. The hoverboards today are much improved and more reliable than their early age predecessors.

What are the components of these hoverboards?

  • Gyroscope: The most important part of a hoverboard, this component adjusts the tilt of the platform in order to keep the rider balanced. It's such an important piece of how a hoverboard functions that the devices are sometimes called "gyro scooters".

  • Microprocessor: These regulate the amount of power going to the wheels.

  • Battery: A lithium-ion battery stores the hoverboard's electrical power and charge. 4 hours usually gives a full charge and provide up to 8 miles of riding

  • Motor: Receives information from the logic board and powers the wheels when you tilt.

  • Infrared sensors (IR sensors): Infrared rays measures an object's presence and distance and are used for a number of functions.

  • Tilt and speed sensors: Controls the speed of the hoverboard by measuring how quickly the wheels are turning and communicating with the gyroscope and logic board.

  • Logic board: Processes the data from various sensors and sends the information to the motors. This provides the required movements and directions as well as a balanced device.

  • Pressure pads: This is where a rider's feet are placed. They let the logic board know that someone is riding as well as what direction they want to go.

  • Two Wheels: These range in size according to the manufacturer. If you're thinking of taking your board off-road, look for a board with 8-inch wheels.

  • Power switch: Turns the board on and off.

  • Charging port: Most hoverboards come with a port for charging but these can be bought online separately, too.

Motors: Hoverboard motors are going to determine your speed, weight load, and acceloration. There are three general tiers of motors

  1. Dual 100 Watt Motor: Performs best with those weighing 90lbs and less

  2. Dual 200 Watt Motor: Preforms best with those weighing 175lbs and less

  3. Dual 250 Watt Motor: Preforms best with those weighing 220lbs and less

Batteries: Batteries are powering your board and in conjunction with the motor they will determine time between charges for your hoverboard. There are 2 general batteries found in hoverboards

  1. 24 volt battery

  2. 36 volt  battery


The wheels of hoverboards are where your motors are housed. Wheels and the tires on them are going to allow you to approach different terrains and obstacles. Many hoverboards have standard wheels which allow you to approach flat and even terrain. These wheels will generally be 6.5” wheels. GOTRAX does have two all terrain hoverboards with larger wheels and better tred on the tires. These wheels are 8-8.5” and can approach the more difficult and challenging terrains out on the trails.


Safety is always the most important thing when it comes to any hoverboard, especially with their checkered past. No need to fear exploding or flaming hoverboards these days! Hoverboards these days carry a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification. This verifies that the batteries of the hoverboard are safe, stable, and won’t be exploding. All GOTRAX hoverboards have their UL certification and are tested for superior quality.

Many GOTRAX hoverboards boast a self balancing mode, as well. When activated this mode will use the gyrcopics in the hoverboard to make the deck level with the surface below it. This makes it stable for anyone getting on the board and keeps individuals safe from unexpected hoverboard movement

Want to learn more about Hoverboards? Check out our complete buyers guide to finally answer the question. How much does a hoverboard cost?


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