Joe Takes On: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge

Joe Takes On: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge - GOTRAX

Our Photographer Joe is back to his adventuring ways this time taking his EBE4 Off-Road Electric Bike to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Joe's first stop in the park, about a mile or so into is ride is small water feature named Lake Mary. He hops off the e-bike for a bit to walk the Lake Mary Loop Trail with a boardwalk and piers that allow for pristine views of the water. Joe then takes some time describing his favorite features on his EBE4, mainly the tires. The 20" Off-Road Fat Tires can take you just about anywhere and paired with the front wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride. 

Furthermore, the EBE4 qualifies as a Class 3 E-Bike. National Parks have only recently allowed for E-Bikes to roam their roads and bike trails and each one has different rules so be sure to double check the park's website. Avoid fines or the possibility of having your e-bike taken away. After this quick breakdown, Joe gets back to exploring the Refuge. 

10 miles into the trip Joe hops off to take in the sights around him and praise the quality and convenience the EBE4 affords him. Foldability being just one of those praises. No need for any additional costs with a rooftop or rear caring storage rack for your e-bike. Joe easily folds up his E-Bike to store in the trunk of his car. 

Our trip ends with Joe riding off screen, ready to take on his next adventure!

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