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GOTRAX Announces the G3 a new electric scooter for 2020

GOTRAX Announces the G3 a new electric scooter for 2020 - GOTRAX

GOTRAX has officially announced their next model in the G-series of electric scooters, the G3! After over a year of collecting and analyzing feed back and reviews a new scooter has arrived. The scooter has a different body style, with all new and improved folding mechanisms, fenders, assembly and a completely new battery design.



G3 Improvements from the GXL V2

  • Improved Folding Mechanism
  • Dual Braking
  • Reinforced Fender
  • Larger Battery (more riding distance)
  • More powerful Motor
  • Easier Assembly
  • Easier to replace or upgrade battery
  • Improved console quality and display size
  • Digital Lock
  • New Body Style for more stable riding
  • Better Brakes
  • Less Noise produced by scooter

G3 Specifications

Top Speed - 18mph
Max Distance - up to 18 miles
Wheels - 8.5" Air-filled tires
Brakes - Hand operated Disc Braking system
Weight - 36lbs
Motor - 300Watt AVG/ 430 Watt Max
Battery - 36V7.8aH
Height from handlebar to deck: 40"

Watch the G3 Video



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