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Commuting with Carlin Isles & The U.S. Olympic Rugby Team

Commuting with Carlin Isles & The U.S. Olympic Rugby Team - GOTRAX

The U.S. Olympic Rugby Team

Recently GOTRAX has supported the entire U.S. Olympic rugby team by supplying them with GXL Electric Scooters helping them make it to their practices for the 2020 Olympics! 

Carlin Isles the fastest rugby player in the world!

Carlin Isles aka the "fastest rugby player in the world" was kind enough to do a quick interview about his life and his experience with the GOTRAX GXL. 

 Carlin was a participant in the 2016 Olympics and currently plays for the USA Eagles and is the current holder of the worlds fastest 100m run!

The following table shows Isles' scoring by season on the World Rugby Sevens Series, as of March 3, 2019. Pretty amazing Right?

Here is what he had to say about his life and the GOTRAX GXL

Video Interview with Carlin Isles


Interview with Carlin Isles

Q: Can you start by telling us a little bit about where you’re from and where you live now?

A: I'm from Ohio, and i currently live in San Diego

Q: What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning?

A: What goes through my head when i first wake up in the morning is probably i just get my body right and then i can start my day. Once i do that i know i'm in good shape.

Q: Tell us one of your favorite moments in your Rugby Career?

A: Qualifying for the U.S. Olympics in 2015

Q: How old were you when you first started playing rugby?

A: I was 22 years old

Q: Who are your heroes? Who do you look up to?

A: Personally my hero, i would say God and other than him i would say track athletes, like Michael Rogers, Horace Green and Kobe Bryant

Q: What inspires you?

A: Failure inspires me, don't be scared to fail. I'm motivated by that

Q: Describe your daily commute?

A: Right now i just ride gotrax. The training center here in chula vista is really big so it helps me get around and saves my legs.

Q: How has your commute changed since getting a Gotrax scooter?

A: *laughing* i now longer have to walk, it used to take me 6-7 minutes to get out to the field section

Q: What are your favorite places to ride our scooters?

A: I ride it a lot downtown in San Diego or at the boardwalk along the beach

Q: What do you use your GXL for?

A: so i don't have to walk, i hate walking :P

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Getting around site seeing, things like that

Q: What haven't you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?

A: winning an olympic medal, hopefully in the 2020 olypmics


Huge thank you from GOTRAX to Carlin and the US olympic rugby team for making this interview possible, good luck in 2020!

Looking for more awesome interviews? Check out our Team GOTRAX page for more cool content from your favorite super stars.


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