Product Overview: Alpha XL Electric Bike

Product Overview: Alpha XL Electric Bike - GOTRAX

We call this electric bike the Alpha for a reason. The Alpha XL Electric Bike is the ideal e-bike for commuters and off-road adventurers looking for an upgrade to their regular rides. We will go over specifications, build, and other details of the Alpha XL so you can make an informed choice when getting your own electric bike. Whatever you end up riding, be sure to ride safe and always wear a helmet. 

The predominant feature on the Alpha XL is the 29" air-filled tires. Paired perfectly with a front wheel suspension system makes for a pleasant, smooth ride. This e-bike also comes with our pedal-assist technology so you can ride your bike further than ever before. Pedal-assist has three modes, low, medium, and high. Topping out at 9 MPH, 14 MPH, and 20MPH, respectively. You can also set the motor off while going downhill or on flat ground to conserve your batteries charge. 

Man riding GOTRAX Black Alpha XL Off-Road Electric Bike for Adults

Those speeds are attainable thanks to the 350 Watt rear wheel motor and 36V 7.5aH battery powering the e-bike forward. Rear wheel drive offers better acceleration and hill climbing ability so when needed, the pedal assist really comes in handy for those who have steeper hills to climb. If you have to ride early in the morning or had to stay late, no need to worry this e-bike comes with plenty of reflectors and a LED headlight to light up your path. Additionally, the Alpha XL has front and rear wheel brakes for quick, safe stops to ensure your safety on your ride. 

One last thing, the Alpha XL will be $300 off as a part of our Labor Day Sale for only $699.99, so be sure to grab your very own Alpha XL today.

Ride happy, Ride GOTRAX!

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