Product Overview: The F2 V2 Folding Electric Bike

Product Overview: The F2 V2 Folding Electric Bike - GOTRAX

One of our most popular electric bikes has received an overhaul. Featuring improved specs and even better parts, this new version of the F2 is ready to blow you away. The F2 V2 has a number of differences when compared to its predecessor, so today, we’re going to introduce you to this new model and go over each update to the F2 you know and love.

Stronger Rear Rack

We took the F2’s handy rear storage rack and took it to the next level. The F2 V2’s rack is welded to the frame, giving it extra stability while hauling your things. Now, the F2 V2 is ready to carry your extra cargo even better than it did before.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's new frame-welded rear rack.

Hydraulic Brakes

We wanted only the best for our riders, and the F2 V2’s new features reflect this. We’ve replaced the F2’s old brakes with superior new hydraulic brakes, meaning your stops on the F2 V2 will be smoother, quicker, and more secure than ever. 

A closeup of a rider using the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's new hydraulic brakes.

Flashing Brake Lights

The F2 V2’s new flashing brake lights provide even clearer signals to pedestrians, motorists, and other riders, letting them know your intentions with plenty of time to react.

A closeup of the new flashing taillight on the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike.

Color Display

The F2’s digital display looks better than ever. Thanks to its new full-color LCD display, the F2 V2 provides all of its key riding information in a visually-appealing and easily-readable way.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's new full-color LCD display.

Better Seating

Rides on the F2 have never felt this smooth. The F2 V2 has been outfitted with the most comfortable seat possible, keeping rides smooth and relaxing, even over rough terrain and long distances. 

A closeup of the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's new, more comfortable seat.

Simpler Starting

To set out on their journeys, riders of the original F2 need to have the key in the battery and turned on in order to use the bike. To make things even easier, we've made it so the key isn't necessary to start the F2 V2. Now, you'll only need your key when unlocking and removing the battery.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's battery lock and key.

Other Features and Accessories

The F2 V2 comes packaged with a variety of accessories at no additional cost. Deck out your bike with extras like a phone holder, rearview mirror, tire lever, seat bag, and folding lock! Each accessory was designed to improve the security, convenience, and enjoyment of every ride. 

A closeup of two of the GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike's five free accessories, the cell phone holder and the rearview mirror.

New Color

For riders who want to add a little more color to their ride, we’ve come up with a new color option for the F2 V2. Alongside black and white, riders can grab the F2 V2 in a stylish deep blue.

The GOTRAX F2 V2 folding electric bike in its all-new blue frame color.

The F2 V2 offers a folding e-bike experience that simply can’t be beat. Whether you ride on city streets, suburban bike trails, or off-road dirt paths, the F2 V2 is a fun, portable, and reliable choice for all kinds of riders.

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