Tel Aviv Improving Micromobility Infrastructure

Tel Aviv Improving Micromobility Infrastructure - GOTRAX

After more than 10 million shared rides in the last four years and over half a million unique uses, the city of Tel Aviv is planning on doubling its bike paths to over 300 kilometers by the year 2025. It is part of a longer term goal to make the city car and pollution free. This change is happening largely in part due to the influx of high-tech workers who primarily commute via electric scooter, e-bike/bicycles, and other personal electric vehicles. 

According to the 2021 traffic index ranking by TomTom, Tel Aviv ranks as the 16th most congested city in the world out of 404 cities on said index. Several large tech companies have offices in the city including Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more. This is only expected to increase the congestion as more people come to the city looking for work in the tech industry. Studies have shown that since the first e-scooters arrived in Tel Aviv they have cut city emissions by an estimated 1,283 tons. This change and influx can be a good blueprint for the rest of the world's major cities to follow. Supporting micromobility and the development of better public transportation is key to bringing down emission levels while making the cities more pedestrian friendly. 

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