The Best Way to Travel with Your E-Scooter: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The Best Way to Travel with Your E-Scooter: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - GOTRAX

While traveling via e-scooter is a convenient way to get from point A to point B, some individuals must rely on multiple transit systems to reach their final destination. Learn more about where your device is welcomed aboard, and discover the best practices for packing your e-scooter in the sky, on the subway, or within your vehicle.


In order to bring your device on board an aircraft you must adhere to the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, which means you’ll probably be required to check your scooter bag. Because company guidelines differ, it’s best to always call an airline representative before flying--inform them of your intention to travel with the device so they can walk you through any additional requirements. In most cases, your scooter will need to meet a battery size requirement of less than 160 Wh. E-scooters satisfying this condition are rare, and most reputable brands do not manufacture them. Before you fly, confirm your device’s battery size by checking the owner’s manual. Once you’ve verified your electric scooter is allowed on the aircraft, protect your gadget for the flight. Use masking tape to secure the throttle control, fold the scooter to its smallest capacity, wrap the scooter tightly in bubble wrap, and store it in a protective bag. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid any travel interruptions, so contact the airline to avoid any last minute surprises before the flight.


It’s important to reduce the amount of space you occupy while traveling with your e-scooter. Basic transit etiquette involves creating enough space for other passengers to board and depart from the car, and the best way to do this is by folding your e-scooter in half. In order to protect your device, consider carrying it in a transport bag or purchasing a strap. While backpacks and specially shaped scooter bags are perhaps the most compact way to transport your scooterwhile avoiding the risk of damaging the deviceusing a shoulder strap affords a seamless transition from feet to street. Regardless of your scooter-carrying preference, remain aware of your surroundings while riding public transit. Be sure to occupy minimal space, and remember that your scooter doesn’t require a seat of its own. 

Ubers and Personal Vehicles

While scooters travel relatively well within the confines of a car, it’s still a good idea to protect the exterior with a bag or secure wrapping(—bubble wrap works well for longer car excursions, freeway travel, or encounters with bumpy terrain. Storing your e-scooter in the trunk is generally a good idea--this will keep it out of harm’s way and free up leg room for other passengers. However, if you’re simply catching an Uber to skirt a steep hill or shave a few blocks off your commute, the device can be stored on the ground next to you or folded in your lap for added convenience.


Many scooter enthusiasts consider their device a travel essential, and with these tips and tricks in mind you’ll feel comfortable bringing along your favorite travel companion everywhere you go. 

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