The GOTRAX Apex LE Overview and Unboxing

The GOTRAX Apex LE Overview and Unboxing - GOTRAX

Introducing our new color series featuring the Apex LE. The Apex LE offers an updated look to the Apex with 4 unique colors to choose from; Blue, Black/Red, Pink and Silver. The Apex LE electric scooter is designed with a 250 Watt rear wheel motor that reaches a top speed of 15.5MPH. This e-scooter has much more to offer than just a variety of 4 unique colors. A classic design and brand new digital display you can now go for the ultimate ride. The scooter also includes a bright LED headlight and a rear reactive tail light so you can keep your visibility up during those early morning and evening rides. 

Our photographer, Joe, takes a trip on the GOTRAX spaceship in a nice call back to when we were just starting out in the e-rideable world to unbox, assemble, and go over our latest electric scooter. After getting through our packaging, Joe starts to assemble the Apex LE. 

Attach the Console

95% of this electric scooter is already put together for you, so all you have to do is attach a few things. You should see two wires, one coming from the tiller/stem and the other from the console. Connect the two wires. Then, all you have to do is slide the console into place and secure it with the two console screws. 

Set the Brake Line

You should also see a red wire coming from the top of the tiller. That is your brake line. In order to attach it, press down on the brake handle to find a small opening for the end cap. Once in position, you can release the brake handle. After, pull until the aluminum end slides into the right hand side of the brake handle. Your brake line is then attached and you are ready to ride. Be sure to check the tension on the brake handle and adjust if needed. You can adjust said tension by either loosening or tightening the brake caliper, located on the rear wheel. 

We hope you enjoy your brand new Apex LE! Don't forget to ride safely and always wear your helmet. 

Ride happy, Ride Together, Ride GOTRAX!

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