This Earth Day, We’re Giving Back to the Planet

This Earth Day, We’re Giving Back to the Planet - GOTRAX

There’s little in this life that’s as important as our planet. It’s vital that we work on protecting and restoring the Earth where we can, so this Earth Day, we’re helping by giving back to the planet. 

GOTRAX is working with Trees for the Future to donate the funds to plant 4,000 trees. TREES is an organization that does key work in preserving our environment by helping farmers create more sustainable farming practices. By aiding farmers in planting trees and more diverse plants on their property, TREES helps combat environmental damage and promote biodiversity, all while creating income and food security for farmers in degraded landscapes. 

As fans and riders of personal electric vehicles, some of the most environmentally-friendly methods of transportation, we care a lot about our ecosystem, so it’s only natural that we do what we can to preserve it in other ways as well. This Earth day, consider your impact and what you can do for the environment. If you’re interested in learning more about Trees for the Future and their mission, check out their website. And no matter what you ride or where you roam, remember to stay safe, be considerate of the world around you, and always wear a helmet.

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