Event Recap: GOTRAX at MotoGP

Event Recap: GOTRAX at MotoGP - GOTRAX

We recently held a GOTRAX test ride during MotoGP at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, and we had a great time. Riders of all ages took our electric bikes, electric scooters, and more for a spin, and we had the privilege of picking their brains about what it is that made their GOTRAX test ride awesome.

Interested in some of the rides we brought along to MotoGP? We’ll tell you more about a few of them.

The G5 is the ultimate folding electric scooter for riders and commuters of all kinds. Thanks to its 500 watt rear wheel motor, this scooter offers plenty of power and speed on every ride without sacrificing portability. Plus, its 10” tires and front suspension keep your rides smooth and comfortable, no matter where you roam.

A woman riding the GOTRAX G5 Folding Electric Scooter for Adults on a city sidewalk.

The GX3 is the very best of our e-scooter lineup. Featuring a 1000 watt dual motor and all-terrain capabilities, this ride is an absolute powerhouse. On top of that, its dual suspension, dual braking, and integrated LED turn signals work together to give you the ultimate riding experience. It even comes with a detailed digital display that keeps you in-the-know as you ride.

Man standing with the GOTRAX GX3 Performance Electric Scooter

We have plenty of other awesome bikes and scooters available, including ones that were on display at MotoGP, so be sure to take a look around at what else we have to offer. And if you’re interested in seeing what other events we'll be at in the future, keep an eye out on our blog, in our email list, and on our social media for news on events, sales, products, and more. 

As always, remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and wear your helmet, no matter where or what you ride!

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