Top Five Cities to Visit Via E-Scooter

Top Five Cities to Visit Via E-Scooter - GOTRAX

E-scooters have been popping up in cities across the United States⁠—they’re the perfect transit tool for tourists looking to sightsee and a great option for locals hoping to speed up their commute. Whether you plan on packing your own scooter on your next trip or trying out the trend in a new place, we’ve compiled a list of the top five cities that will welcome you and your gadget with open arms.

1. Portland, Oregon

When the e-scooter exploded onto the public transport scene in 2017, Portland, Oregon, quickly adopted the new mobility service. The verdict? Residents rejoiced and tourists embraced these gadgets as an affordable and alternative way to see the city’s hot spots. This bustling hub of hipsters is one of the best places to bring your e-scooter or to rent one for the first time, as it offers riders designated streets and lanes for their scooter. With protected, buffered bike lanes for both electric and non-electric traffic as well as multi use paths in parks, Portland is a great stop for outdoor enthusiasts, nature-lovers, and scooter newbies.

2. Austin, Texas

Offering three rental scooter services to choose from⁠—Lime, Bird, and Wheels⁠—the city of Austin eagerly endorses micro mobility options for locals and visitors alike. More specifically, this city offers fleets of both sit down and stand up scooters, which makes getting around a breeze for convention goers, college students, and visitors. Whether you plan on visiting downtown and want to save on ride-share costs or simply want to get outdoors and take in the city’s sights and smells, appreciate the upgraded e-scooter opportunities in Texas. In fact, Austin has recently released fleets of scooters complete with navigation notifications and docking location alerts that are all run through an onboard speaker, not to mention the option to enjoy your favorite tunes via Bluetooth technology.

3. Denver, Colorado

While e-scooters descended into Denver with somewhat of a rocky start, this city has certainly made a comeback in the realm of micro mobility. Lime, one of the most popular scooter rental services, has even developed a new fleet of scooters equipped with hardware like bigger wheels and front-wheel suspension for Denver’s harsh winters. This city has plenty to offer live music lovers, avid hikers, self-pronounced foodies, and artsy folk, and one of the most convenient ways to get from point A to point B in the city is on an electric scooter. Ride to a nearby bus stop or save a few bucks on your Uber by scootering the last few miles; you’ll get where you're going in no time and appreciate the convenience of the several scooter docks along the way.

4. San Francisco, California

A mild climate, iconic architecture, world famous attractions, fantastic food, sports fanatics...and e-scooter tours? San Francisco certainly has something to offer every visitor, but it affords the perfect trifecta for scooter enthusiastsexciting hills, coastal air, and several shared e-scooter services to choose from. Whether you’re interested in touring Fisherman’s Wharf or dodging traffic on your way to a baseball game, scooters are available practically everywhere in the city. It’s not uncommon to see a backpack-clad college student, a polished professional in a suit and tie, or a Converse-wearing tech bro relying on these eco-friendly and entertaining transit devices to get where they’re going, which makes this city a great place to join the club. With so many attractions clustered close together and a landscape full of steep inclines to zoom over, SF is the perfect city to visit with an e-scooter in tow.

5. Atlanta, Georgia 

Shareable scooters, bikes, and e-bikes are no secret in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that worked diligently to clean up the micromobility scene throughout the summer of 2020. In fact, the City of Atlanta has updated codes and designed rules and regulations specific to scooters. Bird, Veo, Spin, and Helbiz are the four operators with fleets deployed throughout the city, offering rides for as little as $1.00 to start. Home to beautiful displays of street art, murals, warm weather, concert venues, and e-scooters, Atlanta offers the perfect combination of opportunities to test drive a device.  

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