Top Places in Colorado to Ride your Electric Scooter this Summer

Top Places in Colorado to Ride your Electric Scooter this Summer - GOTRAX

Summer is right around the corner and it's time to start planning vacations and weekend getaway's. We recommend starting your summing by traveling to the Centennial State of Colorado. Beautiful Rocky Mountain views, historic towns, hot springs and thousands of miles worth of trails. This state has plenty to offer everyone and today we'll talk about our favorite spots to ride your electric scooter in Colorado.

1. Denver & 16th Street Mall

Denver is a wonderful place to ride your electric scooter. Plenty of parks in and around the Mile High City. However, our favorite spot in particular is 16th Street Mall. Plenty of shops, stores, and restaurants along this mile long stretch of cityscape. We recommend using our G4, GMAX, GMAX Ultra, or G Pro here to take advantage of the integrated tiller-lock so you can lock up and ride away with ease as you peruse for your next outfit or grab a bite to eat!

2. Boulder, Boulder Creek Path

This 8.8 mile point-to-point trail near Boulder runs along and over Boulder Creek. While riding be sure to stop every once and a while to take in the views, nature and the occasionally tubing enthusiast floating down the creek. Plenty of parks off shoot from the trail so we recommend planning a picnic along the way to relax. Any of our electric scooters will manage on this trail. Don't forget to bring your helmet and make sure your bell is working to let bikers and hikers know you are coming!

3. Centennial, Cherry Creek State Park

An incredible park with some wonderful features. Cherry Creek State Park is probably more known for it's reservoir and off-leash dog park but it makes for an excellent place to ride. Similar to Boulder Creek, we recommend planning for a whole afternoon worth of fun. Bring snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and a towel. After you get done riding head to one of the beaches to cool off. We'd recommend one of our commuter level electric scooters so you can truly enjoy all this park has to offer. 

4. Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park is filled with local shops and small business' with a welcoming atmosphere. The mountain snow has melted and it is time to ride. Ride in the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area have to offer. While an electric scooter is fun for Estes park, we recommend one of our off-road e-bikes if you plan on taking on any of the trails. Our EBE4 or Traveler e-bikes are equipped with a large battery and powerful motor combo to take on the toughest of mountain bike trails. 

Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet. All of these areas deserve your respect and attention. Be responsible with where and how you ride. Enjoy the warm weather and beautiful views!

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