Unboxing The Alpha XL

Unboxing The Alpha XL - GOTRAX

The Alpha XL is one of our latest Off-Road E-Bike Models. It features large 29" Tires and a powerful 350W Motor to traverse tough terrain and get you where you need to go. 

Assembly is fairly easy after getting everything unpackaged and set up. 

Be sure to line-up the handlebar assembly with the front fork so that when fully attached, steering will aligned and comfortable on your first ride. 

After attaching your handlebars, we move to your seat. You must only loosen the base and slide the seat into the preferred height. The seat can be adjusted at anytime for optimal comfort and riding. 

Front tire is next. This may get slightly tricky. Adjust your front brake caliper as needed to avoid grinding. Don't lose any of the screws or the small spring that comes with your e-bike. Once you line it up with the front fork, slide it into place and tighten with the front tire screw.

When tightened, be sure to spin it and test for any grinding noises, or issues with it spinning. The tire should spin freely and easily. 

Last but not least, the pedals. Use your wrench tool to properly screw in each pedal, the pedals should be marked with a sticker to indicate the left and right side pedal. 

If you have any questions just contact our Customer Support team by emailing support@gotrax.com or send us a message on one of our social pages!

Ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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