Why Micro-mobility is the Future of Commuting

Why Micro-mobility is the Future of Commuting - GOTRAX

In a recent analysis of the impact that electric scooters had on the congestion levels of traffic in major cities shows something most would find obvious. The study was conducted in Atlanta, showed that a ban on electric scooters caused a 9.9% average increase to someones commute time. According to the study, this would lead to an additional 300,000+ hours on the road for Atlanta's commuters per year. It is even worse for those who look to use e-scooters after large events such as sports games, concerts, and so on taking up to 36.5% longer to get home. 

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What this means for you is saved time. Your time is valuable, both figuratively and literally. Utilizing the Value of Time multiplier for the city of Atlanta and after calculating associated fees showed over half a billion in congestion-related costs. That starts to add up quick year after year.

These numbers were all found on averages though and assumes only 10% of the the U.S. population is affected by a micro-mobility ban. They also calculated it for everyone living in an urban centre, around 71% of the population, that balloons the estimate of lost time up to $4 billion. Micro-mobility will only grow as more and more people decide to utilize an e-scooter, e-biker, or other personal electric vehicle as a part of their commute. Which is exactly where GOTRAX comes in. Our electric scooters and e-bikes have already saved people hundreds of dollars on gas and car related costs. We will always push for better micro-mobility legislature and infrastructure to promote safe, secure, and consistent commuting for our riders. 

Since 2017, GOTRAX has sold over 1,000,000 electric scooters. That number doesn't include even include our e-bikes! That is over a million people adding an e-scooter to their commute or having it as their main form of transportation. Either way it helps take people out of their cars and stops them from burning fossil fuels. We make the push for a greener form of transportation together. While we make that push, don't forget to wear a helmet!

Ride Happy, Ride Together, Ride GOTRAX. 

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