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Commute Better - Why You Need a Foldable Electric Bike Posted on

So, you've had a couple of slices of the pizza and now you're back for the whole thing. That's to say that you've rented an e-bike a time or two and now you're hooked and want to buy one for yourself.

Traditional bikes are a thing of the past; they're bulky, heavy, and take too much work to maintain. 

In an ever-changing world, e-bikes are here to flex and bend with the way things are moving.

As if you needed any more reasoning to buy one; but, if so, read on for several more reasons why you should commit to a foldable electric bike for the long haul.

Benefits of a Foldable Electric Bike

Electric bikes, or "e-bikes" for short, are an effective investment for all of your transportation needs. Here are the top reasons why!


There's a common misconception that because e-bikes are able to fold, their hinges aren't as strong as the hinges on a traditional bike.

However, it's the exact opposite. Traditional bikes put more unwanted weight and force on their hinges and attachments than an e-bike does by design.

That leads to unwanted expenses of traditional bike users that have to pay for replacement parts and labor fees at their local bike store.


Many people may look at the price tag of an e-bike and think that they're overpriced, but those people don't realize the money an e-bike will help you save in the process.

One of such costs would be paying for a car to get around town. Especially if you live in a downtown city or in a heavily populated suburb, it makes virtually no sense for you not to own an electric bike.

Another cost you avoid with an e-bike is the constant upkeep of purchasing and maintaining gears and joints on a normal bike. 

Just when you fix one issue with your city or mountain bike, there's another weird creaking noise that starts up.

All of this can be avoided by investing in an e-bike to decrease your stress and maintain a steady level of production the entire time you own it.

You Will Look Forward to Using It Each Day

Let's be honest: riding ANY bike is an absolute blast. Cruising around town or at your local park, the wind in your face, the thrill of going down a hill on a bike: can't beat it!

However, when you're using a bike for transportation on a daily basis, using a traditional bike becomes a task at times.

Sometimes you don't want to start out your day by exuding a lot of effort to pedal your way into work, then arrive to your workplace drenched in sweat.

The e-bike eliminates that worry with its electric motor, which helps lower the need for you to push and haul into the office.

That will have you looking forward to riding it from the moment you wake up and have you looking forward to the ride home from work after the workday is over!

No Need for Parking

Calling all city people, this is a direct message to you: e-bikes will help you avoid paying for a parking space.

Parking spaces in cities or work areas are finite, and most parking lots require you to pay a fee to use.

It may depress you to find out how much of your budget is spent each year on costs associated with finding a spot to park for your job.

Having an e-bike gets rid of that entirely. Once you arrive at your destination, you simply fold up the lightweight e-bike and keep it stored somewhere safe while not in use.

You're Helping Save the Planet

You live in a world that is striving to make the transition to being more environmentally friendly. However, as long as people use gas-guzzling cars to get around town, that won't be entirely possible.

Using an e-bike as your everyday transport will help significantly cut down on the gas flying up into our environment.

As the age-old saying goes, "every 'little bit' makes a huge difference!"

In turn, this also helps you save on the egregious cost of putting gas into a car. So, in that respect, you're saving on two types of green: your money and your environment.

Captain Planet would be proud!

Great for Exercising

Great news: you'll never have to attend another cycle class again... now, the entire world is your cycling class!

If you're looking to do some resistance training on the e-bike, head to the local spot with the most hills and take the e-bike for a spin.

You'll find that the electric motor helps push you just enough to get over the top, but still allows you to do a bulk of the work to get an optimum workout in the process.

This is perfect for those out there who have bad hips or knees, the electric motor will provide assistance that you wouldn't otherwise have on a traditional bike.

Do the Electric Ride!

Now that you know all of the benefits and advantages to investing in a foldable electric bike, it's time to make the switch!


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