Why You Need an Electric Scooter for 2022

Why You Need an Electric Scooter for 2022 - GOTRAX

Electric scooters are starting to become more and more commonplace. For daily commutes or quick trips to the gas station to grab some snacks. Gotrax is at the forefront of this ever-increasing demand for affordable and easy to ride electric scooters by keeping our products up to date with added features such as the integrated lock on our G4 or the rear wheel suspension on our G-Pro

Gotrax is committed to this progression in the electric scooter world. We want as many people as we can get to join so below are just a few of the reasons to hop on and ride. 

You Save Money

Monthly gas costs start to slowly drop the more and more you use your electric scooter. Especially for commuting to and from work. Avoid the hassle of morning traffic, lunch rushes, and the parking lot known as the commute back home. Using an electric scooter helps you avoid all of the wear and tear on your car. Cars sitting in idle, wastes fuel, takes away from your car's engine life, and wastes your time. 

Easy to Carry and Store

Parking can be a hassle. For those within cities it can be even worse. Even if you can find a decent parking space it will cost you an arm and a leg if you need to park there daily. Then there is the worry of a ticket or getting towed or booted. Using an electric scooter, you can fold it up and carry it up to your office with you and tuck it away under your desk. 

Fun for All Ages

Gotrax has developed electric scooter for kids, teens, and adults. We want the whole family to get in on the fun. We always recommend that regardless of age you always wear a helmet and ride safe when hopping on an electric scooter. Our GKS line is perfect for our younger riders so they can join everyone on a ride around the neighborhood. The Vibe fits perfectly for those in the in-between, ideal for teens who are too old for a kids scooter but don't fit on a GXL V2 just yet. Last but not least, our Adult Electric Scooters for riders 16+ for every kind of rider. 

We want people to join us. Whether that is through an electric scooter or even an electric bike. 2022 is the year to join the Personal Electric Vehicle world and take a ride into the future. 

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