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Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter

Stronger Motor. More Range. Powered by LG. Introducing the Xr Ultra, a folding electric scooter by GOTRAX. Powered by a improved 300 Watt motor and LG Battery the Xr Ultra is the perfect combination of strength and battery life to take on your commute. Ride up to 16 miles per charge at speeds of 15.5 miles per hour! Easily navigate city streets using the 8.5" shock absorbing tires and dual braking system. 

  • 36v LG Battery 7.0AH
  • 300 Watt Avg / 700 Watt Max Motor
  • 16 Miles per charge
  • 15.5mph
  • 8.5" Air filled tires
  • Size - 43.3" x 17.1" x 14.6"
  • Weight - 26.45LBS
  • Max Rider Weight - 220LBS
  • Waterproof Rating - IP54

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Technology & Features The Xr Ultra really is a commuter's best friend. Every detail reflects the needs of the modern commuter. The powerful motor in combination with shock-absorbing tires, dual braking system, and extended range battery make the Xr Ultra one of the most cost-efficient personal vehicles ever!


Tires made for Commuting

8.5" PNEUMATIC TIRES absorb the shock while riding the electric scooter through bumpy city streets.

Dual Braking

Dual Braking System

Xr Ultra Features both a hand-operated disc brake and an electric brake. So you’re always in control of you e-scooter

Folding Electric Scooter Design

The Xr Ultra features a lever-activated folding frame, it’s portable design make it convenient for people on the go.

2 Speed Settings

Use 1st gear for a comfortable 10mph ride, or kick it into second gear and get the full 15.5 mph experience.

Choosing the right E-Scooter

You are currently viewing our Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter. This scooter is meant for means of transportation and has been designed with commuters in mind. Powered by an LG battery the Xr Ultra has an extra-long range of 16 miles per charge. This e-scooter is an upgrade from our previous model the GXL V2 and is sure to e be one of the most popular electric scooters of 2020. While anyone can have fun on the Xr Ultra we made this electric scooter for adults and it can support a weight of up to 220lbs. Check out the chart below to compare our other electric scooters and their features.

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Regular price $499.99