Endura Product Guide

Perfect for the park. The Endura features an inconic step-through frame that is ideal for relaxed rides to park for some fresh air or a quick picnic. Use the rear storage rack for what you can't fit in your back pack.

Step-Through Frame Icon

Step-Through Frame

Mount and dismount without any hassle or balancing on the tips of your toes.

Suspension Icon

Front Wheel Suspension

Enjoy a smooth ride and handle any bumps or potholes on your commute with ease.

Pedal Assist Icon

Pedal Assist

Give your legs and your lungs a break with our pedal assist technology so you can ride further for longer.

Battery Icon

Removable Battery

Easily take your battery inside or to a more convenient location to charge it so you don't have to move your e-bike everytime it needs to be recharged.

GOTRAX Black Endura Step-Through Frame/Battery Close-Up
Endura Manual
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GOTRAX Black Endura Step-Through Electric Bike for Adults in a Park
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Making Your Ride Last

Proper Charging

Don't charge your electric bike overnight. 4-5 hours is the recommended time for GOTRAX electric bikes. Overcharging your battery can decrease the lifespan of it.

Clean regularly

Dust and grime can cause issues with the inner electronics of your electric bike. Use a damp rag to wipe of most dirt/dust off your ride. Avoid using harsh cleaing chemicals so you don't scrape paint or damage your e-bike further.

Check for Issues

Before and after every ride check for damages, a full charge, flat tires so that you can address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.