Surge Product Guide

Light it up! The Surge is one of our hoverboards to feature a unique, translucent LED Body that is sure to stand out from the rest. It also comes with our self-balancing technology so the Surge is great for those trying to learn to hoverboard.

Cruise Control Icon

Dual Motor

Motors on either side of the hoverboard keep your rider balanced and safe

Soild Tires

You won't have to deal with any annoying flat tires on this hoverboard

LED Lights

Bright lights not only help with visibility but giving the rider a unique feel to their ride.


Lightweight and easy to carry. This hoverboard is the perfect toy for your young one.

Surge Manual
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Making Your Ride Last

Proper Charging

Don't charge your hoverboard overnight. 4-5 hours is the recommended time for most electric scooters. Overcharging your battery can decrease the lifespan of it.

Clean regularly

Dust and grime can cause issues with the inner electronics of your hoverboard. Use a damp rag to wipe of most dirt/dust off your ride. Avoid using harsh cleaing chemicals so you don't scrape paint or damage your hoverboard further.

Check for Issues

Before and after every ride check for damages, a full charge, flat tires so that you can address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.