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Gotrax G4

Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES2

Gotrax GMAX Ultra

Ninebot Kickscooter Max by Segway







20 MPH

15.5 MPH

20 MPH

18.6 MPH


25 Miles

15.5 Miles

45 Miles

40.4 Miles



300W motor

350W motor

350W motor

Gotrax vs Segway

Two titans of the electric scooter industry go head to head and the winner is clear, GOTRAX. The facts do not lie, GOTRAX beats out Segway in price, speed, and distance.


GOTRAX electric scooters have some truly stand-out builds. A part of those builds is an enhanced braking with a disc brake and brake caliper system rather than an electrical brake.

Built-In Tiller Lock
The G4 and GMAX Ultra electric scooters both feature a wire lock mechanism built in to the tiller of the scooter. The wire locks back into the tiller so you can keep your e-scooter safe by deterring thieves and preventing your electric scooter from being stolen.

Air Filled vs Solid Tires
Segway's ES2 features an 8in front and 7.5in rear solid tires while the G4 and GMAX Ultra have 10in air filled. The pre-slimed 10in tubes help the pneumatic tires provide the shock absorption needed for a smooth ride. The larger tire size allows the G4 and GMAX Ultra to take on tougher bumps and potholes along your commute.


Whichever e-scooter you have we always recommend you wear a helmet. Brands can compete with one another but safety always comes first. While our Price is not higher, our speeds certainly are. Our G4 and GMAX Ultra electric scooters for adults top out at 20mph. We strive to provide a fast and a safe ride!


Our E-Scooters take you to where you need to go. Our G4 and GMAX Ultra are able to go faster for longer than their Segway equivalents. We give you plenty of options so you can find your preferred way to ride. Take advantage of cruise control and coast on the straightaways on your commute. Utilize the two speed modes to conserve battery and your brakes. These features and much more are available to you when you choose GOTRAX.


GOTRAX pricing is second to none. Clearly stated in the chart above the GMAX Ultra is $100.00 cheaper than its Segway counterpart. Think about all the different ways you can use that saved money. Savings account, invest, grab accessories for your scooter, and so on. We want you to be able to take your money further and enjoy your scooter as much as possible!


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