Electric Bike Troubleshooting Gudie

Take care of your ride so it can take care of you. Learn more about your GOTRAX from full overviews and specs to troubleshooting. This is the one stop shop to get answers to any questions you have about your electric scooter, e-bike, or hoverboard!

Error Codes

These codes will pop up over your console's display when there are issues within your electric scooter. Codes often have simple solutions and we are here to assist. We'll go through each electric scooter and the error codes that occur. Please Note, some electric scooters share error codes.

Should you see any of these error codes turn off your electric scooter and DO NOT RIDE it and contact GOTRAX Customer Service here.

EBE1, Alpha, Emerge, Endura, Traveler

These models of e-bike only feature an LED Display. They cannot show error codes. If you experience problems with any of these models of e-bike file a claim below.


0 - Normal Status
E02 - Brake
E03 - Power Assist sensor failure
E06 - Cell Under Voltage
E07 - Motor Failure
E08 - Handlebar Failure
E09 - Controller Failure
E10 - Communication reception failure
E11 - Communication sending failure
E12 - BMS Communication failure
E13 - Headlight failure


E02 - Adjust your brake calipers so that they operate effectively.

E03 - Change speed settings or gear. If still showing error code, contact Customer Support for assistance.

E06 - Replace Battery.

E07 - Replace Motor or Motor Wheel Assembly.

E08 - Replace Handlebars.

E09 - Replace Controller.

E10, E11, E12 - Contact GOTRAX Customer Support. This is an internal issue and the bike should be sent back for repair.

E13 - Replace Headlight.