Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Gudie

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Error Codes

These codes will pop up over your console's display when there are issues within your electric scooter. Codes often have simple solutions and we are here to assist. We'll go through each electric scooter and the error codes that occur. Please Note, some electric scooters share error codes.

Should you see any of these error codes turn off your electric scooter and DO NOT RIDE it and contact GOTRAX Customer Service here.

Vibe/GXL V2/Apex

E1 - Communication Failure
E2 - Brake Lever Failure
E3 - Handlebar Failure
E4 - Motor Failure
E5 - Controller/Body End Failure


E1, E2, E3 - Remove the console and use a soft rag to clean the connector between the console and battery. If this does not work, replace the console.

E4 - Replace the motor wheel.

E5 - Replace controller / replace entire product.

XR Ultra/XR Elite

21E - Controller Failure
22E - Handlebar Failure
23E - Motor Failure
25E - Brake Lever Failure
30E - Communication Failure


21E, 22E, 25E, and 30E - Replace console to fix error code.

23E - Motor needs to be replaced


2 - Handlebar Failure
4 - Motor Signal Failure
5 - Brake Lever Failure


2 and 5 - Replace the console

4 - Replace the Motor Assembly