1. You must present a copy of the sales receipt from an approved retail partner within 90 days of purchase or Order# from GOTRAX.com
  2. The product cannot be used for rental or commercial use.
  3. The product cannot be used for competition
  4. The Limited 90 Day Warranty only covers parts or issues due to manufacturer defects
  5. You must file 1 warranty claim per product


  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty is non-transferable after the product’s initial sale.
  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty only covers parts due to manufacturer defect (tires & tire tubes excluded)
  • No unapproved modifications can be made to the product, its performance or otherwise, in order for this Limited 90 Day Warranty to remain in effect.
  • Units replaced under warranty are not covered by any additional warranty. 
  • Units sent for replacement may be in refurbished condition. Fully functional but with minor cosmetic damages.
  • No reimbursement is provided for towing, loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, incidental or consequential damages.
  • Warranty is void if weather related water damage is determined. Owner is responsible for storage and protection from the weather.
  • GOTRAX makes no warranty with respect to products or trade accessories not made by GOTRAX, including, but not limited to, motors, tires, wheels, and batteries, such products or trade accessories, such items being subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty, if any.
  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty does not cover minor surface blemishes, rips, tears, or other cosmetic damage due to normal use, or other intentional or unintentional damage to the product.
  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty will not cover any damage which results from the application of improper cleaners, solvents or chemicals to the product, water damage, smoke or soot, or from exposure to saltwater, sea breeze or salt.
  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty will not cover any damage which results from aging, such as fading of paint, deterioration of plated surfaces, deterioration of rubber or plastics, or rusting.
  • This Limited 90 Day Warranty does not cover improper repair or misdiagnosis of problems.
  • Damage due to misuse or neglect, use other than as specified in the Owner’s Manual, or use under abnormal conditions are not covered by this Limited 90 Day Warranty.
  • This limited warranty does not cover products sold second hand, open box, including but not limited to floor models (unless manufacturer’s warranty approved upon date of purchase).  Refurbished equipment, equipment sold without a manufacturer’s warranty or sold “as is”.

Warranty is void if your Hoverboard/Scooter shows visible signs of damage or has been misused beyond what is considered normal use,  including water damage. Wear and tear is not covered under this warranty, only defects in craftsmanship such as receiving a product DOA or a bad chipboard.

To File a Warranty claim please click here