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You might be asking yourself, what is a hover board? In short, it is a self balancing 2-wheel scooter. That is activated by feet sensors and a gyroscope, but not all hoverboards are created equal, there are many different features to look for as well as some you would rather avoid. In this hoverboard buyers guide we'll cover everything you need to know before buying a hoverboard. 


How much is a hoverboard?

just how much does a hoverboard cost? Well it all depends on the specs, features and motor size you want. But on average hoverboards have come way down in price over the years. in 2016 you could expect to pay $400-$600 for a hover board with a 200 or 250 watt motor and almost no features. Today in 2019 hoverboards are much cheaper and have a lot more features, which is great for customers but it means you need to do more research than ever for the best deal! Hoverboards these days range from $150-$300 for UL certified hoverboards, and while the Hoverfy ECO is on sale it's only $99.99 + Free Shipping, but the real secret to finding the perfect hoverboard is determining what features you want and then find the hoverboard for the best price that has those features. In this guide you'll learn exactly what features you should look for and what type of hoverboard you want!

What Specs to look for in a hoverboard

Motor Size

Motor sizes are rated by Average Wattage. Some sellers try to deceive customers and put the maximum wattage, but rest assured all GOTRAX hoverboard specs are rated for the average wattage. The amount of watts you need is relative to the weight of the rider. Here is a quick guide of what we suggest:

Dual 100 Watt Motors (200 Watts)  - Good for children, but would not be the best wattage for young teens.  This size is suggestible for people who are 90lbs or less only. 

Dual 200 Watt Motors (400 Watts) - Great for most riders! This amount of wattage is nice because it can support around 200+ lbs, but for best performance we suggest getting this size for people 175lbs or less. This is the most commonly used Motor Size and seems to be the best for battery life.

Dual 250 Watt Motors (500 Watts) - This size is usually found in all terrain models because the higher wattage is needed to power the larger tire size. This size motor should alway be matched with a 36v battery. Otherwise it will drain the battery very fast, a common mistake made by low end hoverboard manufacturers. 250 Watts can support up to 280lbs and is generally the largest motor needed for a hoverboard. Going bigger makes the battery drain faster or the manufacturer will have to pair it with a much larger battery, which will drastically increase the price. 

Battery Voltage

Only two battery sizes are suggested for hoverboards, the 24v and the 36v and for good reason. The 24v is the smallest most cost efficient battery and works perfectly with 200 Watt or lower motors. This is one of the reasons companies like GOTRAX can put out high quality hoverboards at under $200. The 36V is obviously a larger battery but much more expensive, so its usually only paired with higher watt motors for performance. 

24v Battery - This is the smallest size recommended, because when the batteries have less cells than the 24v requires if any battery in the pack runs out, the others will not be able to support the motor. GOTRAX 24v batteries are made with enough cells so that if one runs out of charge the others can take over and power its portion, resulting in longer battery life.

36v Battery - This size is great for dual 250 Watt motors or larger. It increases the cost quite a bit, but if you buy direct from a manufacturer like GOTRAX you can still find them in our SRX and our SRX pro models which range from $179.99-$249.99

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity is generally based on the Motor size, you can use this quick guide incase the hoverboard does not list its maximum weight capacity (but most websites do)

Dual 100 Watt = 90lbs or less
Dual 200 watts = 200 lbs or less
Dual 250 Watts = 280 lbs or less


Most hoverboards range somewhere between 5mph and 8mph - however most people enjoy something in the middle. On a hoverboard the speed you are going feels much faster than it is. This is because the hoverboards are very close to the ground, and you must lean forward to make it go, the leaning factor makes it feel much much faster! We suggest for kids under 9 to limit the speed closer to the 5mph. Thats why GOTRAX created the first hoverboard for kids, the SRX Mini.


Here is a list of awesome features that many hoverboards have, you should check through this list and decide which features are important for your hoverboard to have!

  • SELF BALANCING MODE - This hoverboard ACTUALLY self balances with or without a rider on it, always staying level with the ground making it easier to ride
  • LED LIGHTING - Features color LED lights in the wheels that pulse blue and two LED headlights
  • VIBRANT COLORS - some hoverboards only have a few colors, Gotrax hoverboards have anywhere from 5 to 9 different color variations!
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS - Listen to music safely as you ride your self balancing hoverboard

What type of hoverboard should I buy?

bluetooth hoverboards

Originally hoverboards were not bluetooth compatible but since their unveiling in 2016 they have come a long way! Now some boards feature bluetooth speakers that you can easily connect your phone to, and play any audio you want out of your hoverboard.

This is the best way to listen to music safely while riding. Small speakers may throw off your balance, while headphones block out the important sounds of your surroundings which could be dangerous. Gotrax introduced a bluetooth hoverboard in 2019, and now has a full series of SRX Hoverboards that include bluetooth speakers.

Self Balancing Scooters Vs. Self Balancing Mode

This term is a tricky one! Hoverboards were originally called Self-Balancing Scooters, so almost every hoverboard on the market claims to be self balancing, but in 2018 GOTRAX introduced a truly self balancing scooter. The hoverfly ION. This technology has now been incorporated into all our new hoverboards, the SRX, SRX PRO, SRX Kids and the ION. 

A truly self balancing hoverboard will level its riding platforms parallel with the ground with or without the rider on it. This makes the board much easier to step on and off of, as well as it takes less skill from the rider to keep it balanced, making it a more enjoyable ride. Always make sure the hoverboard you're looking at isn't just a self balancing scooter, it should also have Self Balancing Mode. You can learn more from the videos on gotrax hoverfly ion reviews post.

Or watch this video that shows the ION Self balancing hoverboard in action!

all terrain hoverboards

An all Terrain Hoverboard features 8" or larger wheels, usually solid rubber or inflatable. The best off road hoverboards are made with solid rubber tires as they do not require air or tire tubes that can pop. These boards are noticebly more rugged, but also are usually quite a bit heavier. You should never buy an all terrain hoverboard with less than 400 Watts (or dual 200 watt motors) as they will be too weak to power the board up steep inclines or over bumps and gravel.

Don't forget to check out our article on 12 exciting reasons you should get an off road hoverboard

are hoverboards safe?

YES! Hoverboards from GOTRAX are safe. GOTRAX hoverboards are all manufactured to UL Certifications and have approved UL Stickers on the boards. These stickers signify that the board has passed the UL inspection for fire safety

UL Certified Hoverboards

You should never buy a hoverboard a that is not UL certified. The current hoverboard and hoverboard battery standard is UL2272. All GOTRAX hoverboards are UL2272 certified, this certification 

What is the Best Hoverboard?

The best hoverboard depends on whats best for the rider! 


The #1 rated hoverboard on amazon is the GOTRAX hoverfly ION overall it is one of the best combinations of technology and good pricing. You can't go wrong with the GOTRAX ION Hoverboard. It has Self balancing mode, LED lights and 400 Watts of power.


Best Hoverboard for Kids

The best hoverboard for kids is the Gotrax SRX Mini. It's our most kid friendly design yet. It features a unique shape in many vibrant colors! It's smaller and lighter than most hoverboards with easy to use carry handles built into the design. Also the wheels and platform are smaller and lower to the ground to make it easier to step on and off, as well as it features self balancing mode to help the board adjust to the rider keeping them upright.


Best Hoverboard for Adults

Easily the best choice for adults is the SRX PRO. This hoverboard features 8.5" tires, Dual 250 watt motors and a 36v battery, making it our most powerful hoverboard yet! 

What to look for in a hoverboard company

Product Reviews

You should always do your research and check out product reviews on the major platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Here you can see real reviews by real users. Also for more research Youtube is a great resource for video reviews. Below we have compiled some of the best and most popular reviews of our products. We have compiled our Amazon, Walmart and Youtube reviews all into one easy blog post. Enjoy!

Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard Reviews
Hoverfly ION Hoverboard Reviews
SRX Hoverboard Reviews
SRX Pro Hoverboard Reviews
SRX Mini Hoverboard Reviews


Customer Service

When looking at a company its good to check their product reviews for customer service issues, also you want to buy from a company with phone support and live chat so you can talk to a real person if there ever is an issue. Also US based support is much easier to work with.

GOTRAX can be reached week days at 1-844-4GO-TRAX, as well as our live chat is available in the bottom right corner of our website during business hours. Lastly you can always reach a support member by emailing or using our contact page in the footer. 

The GOTRAX customer service team is ready to help! Proudly based in Texas.


Shipping is a big deal, customers always want to know two things when it comes to shipping, how fast and how much. Well we've got good news. GOTRAX offers FREE SHIPPING on all our products, and our logistics team generally ships orders same day or within 24 hours. Using Fedex and UPS for fast transit times. Orders are completely trackable! Our shipping team is so good at what they do that we're also an amazon prime approved warehouse for having a pristine shipping record!


Now you're ready to begin your search for the perfect hoverboard. We hope you'll consider a high quality hoverboard from GOTRAX. 


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