GOTRAX Launches new SRX Series Hoverboards

GOTRAX Launches new SRX Series Hoverboards - GOTRAX

GOTRAX has recently finished our latest research and development and are proud to be launching an all new series of hoverboards the SRX Series.


The Series includes a total of 4 new hoverboards, with new body design, specs and features that take hoverboards to a new level in 2019 - 2020. Their is an SRX Hoverboard for everyone, the new series includes hoverboards for kids and models that are more geared towards older teens and adults. Ranging from the smallest, the SRX mini all the way up to the ultimate hoverboard, the SRX PRO.


SRX Mini 

The SRX Mini is the first GOTRAX hoverboard designed specifically for kids! This is one of the lightest hoverboards on the market and its fun body design doubles as carrying handles making sure your child wont struggle to bring their hoverboard wherever they go! 

The main features to notice about the mini other than its awesome design and colors, is the 6.5" wheels! Most childerens hoverboards will only have 4-5" wheels but GOTRAX has learned the smoothest ride is on a 6.5" wheel or larger, so even our kids hoverboards feature the best quality 6.5" tires.

Additionally the SRX mini features Self-Balancing Mode. When this mode is engaged the hoverboard will automatically level its self using its internal gyroscope. This will make the hoverboard much easier for your child to ride. This is the best hoverboard for kids out there!

The Self Balancing mode is a feature that can be found in every SRX series hoverboard.

SRX A6 Bluetooth Hoverboard

The SRX A6 is our middle of the road, all around awesome bluetooth hoverboard. It's a full sized hoverboard that can handle riders up to 220lbs. Featuring 400 Watts of Power and a 24V Battery the SRX A6 is a clear choice for the price point.

What makes the SRX A6 so popular is that its the most competitively priced Bluetooth Hoverboard, at only $139.99 you can't beat this deal!

Just like the other hoverboards in the SRX series, the SRX A6 Features self balancing mode and comes in several awesome colors! We suggest this board for people who are new to hoverboards but still want all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

SRX Bluetooth Hoverboard

Looking for a little more power? The SRX bluetooth hoverboard is similiar to the A6 other than the change in wheel design and it features a 36V battery giving you a longer riding time. The SRX at $149.99 is a great price for a bluetooth hoverboard and has a little extra power to get you where you're going.

Highly recommended model if you are going to be using your hoverboard a lot, you will definitely get the use out of the bigger battery.

SRX Pro All Terrain Hoverboard

This is the end all beat all model of the SRX series. It features 500 Watts of power and 8.5" off road tires. There are no limits to the adventures you can have on the SRX PRO all terrain hoverboard.

The SRX Pro features a full sized 36V Battery and can climb inclines of up to 20 degrees! Grass and dirt are no problem for the SRX PRO as its 8.5" tires conquer all terrains. 

And of course like the hoverboard in the SRX series, the SRX Pro also has self balancing mode! At $199.99 you can't beat the price for 8.5" wheels and all the features of the SRX Pro. 

We recommend the SRX Pro for teens and adults, the bigger motors and more powerful battery do an even better job at balancing heavier riders. The SRX pro easily supports up to 220lbs. 

Compare the SRX Series

Check out this awesome comparison that shows you the specs and features you want to know about! Use this chart to find the right hoverboard for you!

Want to learn more about all our GOTRAX Hoverboards? Check out the GOTRAX Hoverboard Price Guide to see and compare every hoverboard GOTRAX has to offer, Happy Hovering!

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