Best Clothing for Electric Bike Riders

Best Clothing for Electric Bike Riders - GOTRAX

You have checked off everything on your ebike list. Helmet, toolkit, patch kit, and so on. However, it is important to focus on what you need to wear to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. This will also vary depending on what you are riding your ebike for. Whether it is for work, exercise, or a planned trip around your city we'll help you find the right fit for you. 


GOTRAX electric bikes can reach a max speed of up to 20mph and to achieve top speed quicker while reducing drag to keep tops slim fitting. If you plan on riding on colder days be sure to keep your jacket or sweatshirt zipped up fully to stay warm. Your gym t-shirt or a jersey work better for warmer weather rides. Furthermore, the most critical thing is that you don't restrict the movement of your arms via clothing. We want to make sure you can your ebikes brakes and handlebars as necessary on your rides. Lastly, try to find quick-dry or moisture-wicking clothing that can help keep sweat spots down to a minimum. 


Man riding a GOTRAX F1 Foldable Electric Bike

All your clothing is weather dependent but it can change depending on if you are riding or not. Most of the time you are going to want to have proper fitting pants or shorts so they don't get caught on the bike itself or in the chain while you are pedaling. However, the decision between pants or shorts is an important one. We recommend pants most of the time except for the warmer summer days since they also offer some amount of protection from sunburn and road rash. Once again it comes to having proper movement to pedal and sit appropriately as well as being comfortable throughout your rides. 


Our electric bikes come with the flat pedals that most traditional bikes have so you don't have to worry about snapping your feet into anything. Yes you can wear sandals and flip flops but it should only be on short rides. You should have closed toe shoes on for longer riders to avoid blisters and discomfort on your feet. A solid pair of tennis shoes work best to provide protection from dirt, rocks or anything else that might be kicked up when you ride. 

Other Accessories

In case you missed it at the beginning, one of the first things that should be added to your ebike wardrobe is a helmet. You want a nice fitting helmet that is secured on the diameter of your head. If there is any wiggle room or enough spacing between your head and the helmet to fit a finger in, then you need to readjust or find a new helmet! Visibility is also a key feature to be on the look out for. Avoid darker colors during your rides to stand out, especially at night. In fact for nighttime rides you should invest in some sort of reflective wear. It can be incredibly effective at keeping you visible to other riders, pedestrians, and particularly motorists. Just remember to ride safe and have fun. 

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