GOTRAX New Collection of Stunt Scooters

GOTRAX New Collection of Stunt Scooters - GOTRAX

What is a Stunt Scooter?

Many of us scooter enthusiasts are familiar with kick scooters; we used them to conquer the streets of our neighborhood as children. Typically made of aluminum, these devices feature adjustable handlebars, a convenient folding mechanism, and portability that makes them easy to carry around the community. However, the scooter industry has changed in recent years, and stunt scooters have become the next greatest thing in the marketplace of motion. Stunt scooters are engineered to serve as sturdier devices. Built for high impact, these scooters are required to remain intact and sustain their structure, as they’re the backbone to the jumps and tricks performed in skate parks, school yards, and parking lots. At, we’re proud to announce our recently released line of stunt scooters, part of the Ride Volo T0 Series. Before we dive into our brand new models, there’s a few important things to remember regarding this specific category of scooters. Because it’s important for these scooters to remain stable under impact, they lack a folding mechanism, adjustable handlebars, and other moving components you may be accustomed to. Typically built from heavy duty materials, like titanium, these scooters support stunt riders by offering a heavier frame. As a result, individuals can perform impressive tricks without worrying about damaging their device. Lastly, it’s critical to remember the benefit of smaller wheels when it comes to stunt scooters. Smaller wheels catalyze short bursts of speed for the rider, and in turn, the scooter becomes more manageable. Read on to learn more about the amenities included in GOTRAX’s newest stunt scooters, and discover which model best meets your needs.

Ride Volo T0 Series

T01 Entry Level Stunt Scooter

The T01 touts some serious hardware, a trademark feature of any stunt scooter. Featuring high tensile steel-reinforced T-bars, an aluminum alloy fork, a 6063-T6 corrosion resistant aluminum deck, and a solid set of 100 mm cast PU wheels. This all-titanium scooter is built for high performance and supports riders up to 176 pounds. Based on its stats and overall infrastructure, it’s perfect for riders aged six through ten. The T01 is equipped with an IHC compression system, which means it’s able to absorb all the impact from tricks and jumps. High performance wheels paired with quality C & U bearings (13,000r/min) allow the device to glide smoothly across a variety of surfaces. Plus, our classic stunt scooter model incorporates a stylish paint job, an array of vibrant colors, unique deck graphics, and electroplated rims. While the T01 is classified as our stunt scooter for beginners, it boasts professional performance accompanied by an entry level price tag. Great for individuals who are new to the scooter industry, the T01 is the perfect match for those looking for an adrenaline rush in addition to a fun new hobby.

T02 Intermediate Stunt Scooter

The T02 is another great option for individuals with a bit more experience when it comes to stunt scooters. New from GOTRAX, the T02 features high tensile steel reinforced V-bars, a custom aluminum alloy fork, and a 6065-T6 corrosion resistant aluminum deck. Complete with our powerful 110mm aluminum core cast PU wheels, you’ll be gliding in no time. Composed entirely of titanium for super high performance, the T02 supports riders who weigh up to 220 pounds. With an IHC compression system able to absorb the impact from your favorite tricks and jumps, you’ll land your stunts feeling safe, secure, and totally in control. Plus, our high-performance wheels are paired with quality C & U bearings, rated at 13,000 r/min, which will reduce the friction of your ride and aid in seamless transitions from sidewalks to streets. This intermediate level scooter boasts impressive engineering as well as a stylish paint job. Accessories like electroplated rims, an electrified deck design, and a diverse array of bright colors will help you stand out at the skatepark and scooter in style. For kids and adults with a bit more experience under their belt, the T02 represents a great compromise between the beginner’s device and the most advanced edition.

T03 Pro Stunt Scooter

The T03 is suggested for seasoned scooter enthusiasts. It’s the perfect device for individuals who feel comfortable performing stunts, confident in conquering new courses, and eager to stick a sweet landing. The T03 stunt scooter offers riders several high-quality features, like high tensile steel reinforced V-bars, a custom aluminum alloy fork, a 6063-T6 corrosion resistant aluminum deck, and custom 110 mm rainbow chrome aluminum alloy rim PU wheels. Capable of supporting riders up to 220 pounds, the T03 is an awesome option for a variety of individuals interested in nailing new tricks. Similar to other models from this collection, the T03 is equipped with an IHC compression system. This system manages to absorb the impact from stunts, protecting your scooter and keeping you out of harm’s way. With high performance wheels accompanied by quality C & U bearings, rated at 13,000 r/min, you’ll enjoy gliding across a variety of surfaces without a hitch. This stunt scooter offers flashy elements of flair, especially when it comes to its rainbow colored and chrome plated body, electroplated rims, and electrified deck design. Out of the entire T0 series, the T03 sets the standard for high performance and continues to impress riders as it gains popularity.


Where Can I Find These Stunt Scooters?

The entirety of the T0 series of scooters is available for purchase at One of the benefits of purchasing directly from our site is our fast and free shipping, and the option to scope out our other scooter styles while you’re at it! You can also find our stunt scooters on GOTRAX is dedicated to providing quality customer service, and our devices are backed by a 30-day return policy and 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give our U.S-based customer support line a call, and take advantage of the lifetime support offered by GOTRAX. Plus, you’ll want to keep our scooters in mind as the holiday season approaches. These gadgets make excellent gifts and wonderful birthday surprises for family members of any age.

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