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Make It Yours: Why You Should Buy an Electric Scooter Instead of Renting

Make It Yours: Why You Should Buy an Electric Scooter Instead of Renting - GOTRAX

Does it feel like you're starting to see more and more mopeds and electric scooters cruising around in cities all across the country?

You're not just imagining things! Scooter companies have set up shop in more than 60 cities in recent years and are trying to convince people to rent their mopeds and electric scooters. It's led to a surge in moped and electric scooter rentals in places like San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and everywhere in between.

Electric scooters are proving to be a great way for people to get around. But why rent one for just a few hours when you can buy one and enjoy the benefits of owning it all the time?

Let's take a look at why you should bypass all the electric scooter rentals out there and choose to purchase one instead.

Provides Constant Access to Affordable Transportation

Did you know that the average American spends about $2,600 every year to commute to and from work? That adds up to more than $100,000 over the course of a 40-year career.

It doesn't make sense for everyone to rely on an electric scooter to commute. Anyone who lives more than just a few miles from work will need to own a car or have a bus pass for commuting.

But if you live a city that allows  electric scooters, consider buying one to tackle your commute every day. It'll set you up with easy and constant access to one of the most affordable forms of transportation around.

You can use your electric scooter to get to and from places other than just work, too. Jump on it whenever you only have to travel short distances. Even if you happen to own a vehicle, taking short trips on your scooter will extend the life of your car battery and reduce the amount of wear and tear you put on your car as a whole.

Offers More Reliability

One of the biggest complaints people have had about electric scooter rentals thus far is that those who use them tend to leave them all over the place. It's not uncommon to see a big pile of scooters on a street corner or in the middle of a park.

In theory, this should make it easy for people to track these scooters down. But more often than not, it makes it difficult for them to find a scooter when they need to use it to get around since there's not always a central location for them.

This will never be an issue when you buy a scooter instead of renting one. You'll always know where you can find a scooter to ride when you need it.

Having this kind of reliability will give you peace of mind and prevent you from losing your cool when you need to get your hands on a scooter.

Ensures Safety

As long as you have a little bit of experience and a lot of common sense, riding an electric scooter around is safe. It's almost as easy as riding a bike once you get the hang of it.

But all the different electric scooters on the market today operate a little different. That means you might need to spend a few minutes getting a feel for a rental before you feel comfortable on it.

You won't have to worry about this when you own your scooter and know it inside and out. You'll know how to work it and, more importantly, how to keep yourself safe when you're cruising around.

You also won't have to worry about someone else doing damage to a scooter and leaving it behind for you to use later. You'll be aware of any potential issues with your scooter and know when it needs maintenance or service.

Requires Very Little Maintenance

Some people shy away from purchasing an electric scooter because they're afraid of all the work that they think comes along with it. They're under the impression that they're going to need to spend tons of time and money fixing it up.

What they fail to realize is that electric scooters are some of the easiest forms of transportation to maintain. Some of them are even simpler to maintain and repair than a bicycle!

Most electric scooters only have a few basic parts that you need to monitor. They include:

  • Battery
  • Tires & Air Tubes
  • Fenders

There will be some maintenance that'll need to be done on electric scooters. But it won't be overwhelming to keep up with it by any stretch of the imagination.

Stores Almost Anywhere

When you invest in most forms of transportation, you need to think about more than just the cost of the vehicle you're buying. You also need to consider where you're going to store it when you're not using it.

Cars, motorcycles, and even bikes all take up a lot of space and will require a garage, a shed, or, at the very least, a large closet for storage. But you won't need any of these things with electric scooters.

The only thing you'll need to store an electric scooter is a small empty corner of a room. Scooters, in particular, can be placed behind a door or away in a tiny closet without taking up too much space.

This will make it easy for you to take your scooter out and put it away with ease. Since it's so lightweight, you won't have any issues storing it, even if you're not the strongest person in the world. 

Allows for Complete Customization

You don't want to look like everyone else while you're riding your electric scooter around, right?

Of course not. You want to set yourself apart and give off the right impression to the world.

When you rent scooters all the time, you won't be able to do this. You'll have to leave the scooter as is while you're riding it around.

But when you own a scooter, you can do whatever you want with it. You can throw some stickers on it, paint it, and make other customizations to it.

You'll love showing off your scooter and showing people that it's yours.

Encourages More Time Outside

The average person spends more than 90 percent of their time cooped up inside. They spend the majority of their days sitting in their office working or hanging out inside of their house.

Do you want to give yourself a reason to spend more time outside? Or do you want to motivate your kids to get outside and gain a newfound appreciation for nature?

Buying an electric scooter is an effective way to do both of these things. You'll be a lot more inclined to get outside when you know that you can spend a bunch of time hanging out on your scooter.

Pays for Itself Over Time

It might not seem like it costs much money to rent an electric scooter. Many scooter companies only charge people about $1 to rent one and then 15 cents or so for every minute they ride it around.

But here's the thing: The costs associated with renting electric scooters will add up over time. You can easily spend more renting one than you would to buy it outright.

There are plenty of very affordable electric scooters for sale that you can buy at the moment. 

That's a small price to pay when you consider what you'll pay to rent scooters all the time.

As an added bonus, most scooters also pay for themselves within the first year you own them. Once you see how much money you're able to save on transportation, it'll make your electric scooter investment a worthwhile one.


Buy an Electric Scooter Today

If you've never tried riding around on an electric scooter, renting one and testing it out for an hour isn't the worst idea. It'll help you see why so many people have fallen in love with them.

But if you think you're going to use electric scooters often, buying one is a way smarter decision than renting one on a regular basis. You'll get your money's worth within a matter of months.

Would you like to find the right electric scooter before buying it? Read this collection of electric scooter reviews to improve your chances of finding the best scooter for your lifestyle or contact us with any questions you might have.

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