Citizens of Paris Take a Vote on Electric Scooters

Citizens of Paris Take a Vote on Electric Scooters - GOTRAX

On April 2nd the people of Paris will be proposed a question, "Do we or don't we continue with free-floating rental scooters?"

Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, is leaning towards a ban but would respect the vote of the people. This follows a growing number of critics due to the lack of respect from the rental e-scooter riders and the rules of the road being ignored. People have often been seen ignoring bans on riding on pavements or in parks with little to no consideration. Rental e-scooters are often left flat on the ground in walkways or even tossed into the Seine river running through the middle of Paris. 

Furthermore, Hidalgos's deputy in charge of urban transport, David Belliard stated, "They (rental electric scooters) are in the way and they are dangerous," 

Electric scooter owners need not worry though. Privately owned e-scooters are not the focus of this ban. Hidalgo told local outlet Le Parisien that they are, "not a problem"

Paris is just one example, showing how people tend to ride in a more respectable manner when the electric scooter is their own. Electric scooter owners see it as an investment on their commute. It is not a temporary joy ride. It is a commitment to a more eco-friendly and often faster way to navigate their city. GOTRAX is a part of that commitment. Our adult electric scooters and other personal electric vehicles offer people a chance to escape the restrictions that often come with cars. You can avoid traffic jams, rising gas prices, and leaving a larger carbon foot print with your own e-scooter. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX. 

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