CTI & CTI Step Thru Product Overview

CTI & CTI Step Thru Product Overview - GOTRAX

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Our CTI and CTI Step Thru electric bikes have officially arrived. These new city ebikes are ready to take to work, back home, around town and through the park. Ideal for city streets and bike lanes thanks to the 27.5" pneumatic tires, the CTI series is the ideal ebike commuter. We'll break down its unique features, the advantages of step over as well as step thru, and why your next ebike should be a CTI. 

The CTI noticeably comes with two different frames, step over and step thru. It is merely a matter of your personal preference. The step over is a classic bike design that would be an ideal starting electric bike if you've never ridden one before, the step over design is for you. Our step thru version of the CTI allows for easier mounting and dismounting while providing a more relaxed ride. The curved handlebars on the CTI Step Thru mean you won't have to be leaning forward so just sit back and enjoy the power in your ebikes pedal assist technology. 

The GOTRAX CTI and CTI Step Thru City Electric Bikes for Adults.

The frame is the only difference between these two models. They both feature an easy to remove lithium-ion 36V 10.4aH battery that can reach a range of up to 40.5 miles per charge. On the speed side of things, these electric bikes can take you to 20 mph in no time thanks to a 350W rear wheel motor. The CTI series were designed with city riders in mind, if the name didn't give it away already. Furthermore, the pedal assist comes with five different speed settings as well as throttle only if you want the motor to do all the work. On the other hand, the CTI series also come with a 7-speed Shimano shifter if you want to put the work in yourself and get a workout in on your way home or in the morning. Regardless of your speed be sure to take advantage of the front and rear wheel brakes for safe, secure stops. 

We hope you enjoyed this overview of our CTI electric bikes! Please be sure to reach out to us if you ever have any questions about our products. Just remember to wear a helmet whenever you go out for a ride. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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