E-Bike Popularity Increases Demand for Better infrastructure

E-Bike Popularity Increases Demand for Better infrastructure - GOTRAX

According to the Light Electric Vehicle Association, e-bike sales are currently outpacing the sales of electric and hybrid cars combined. It is glaring obvious that electric bikes are only increasing in popularity as we ring in the new year. Stimulated by a variety of options in the market and with some built for specific jobs and tasks. Catering towards food deliver drivers and people who want extra seats for kids while others are compact, foldable models for the small apartment owner. There is a model for everyone out there. This new option of micro-mobility transportation is starting to push people out of their car-centric lifestyles. 

Inevitably, the growing number of e-bikes on the road will start to lead to a more bike and pedestrian friendly infrastructure. Roads, specifically within cities and densely populated urban areas need to start focusing on people rather than the cars they drive. The Netherlands have prioritized biking infrastructure in recent years and offer a good blueprint for other nations to follow. They have begun converting former roads to bike paths and plazas to better cater to a growing population of bike rider. Hopefully, we will soon see the U.S. follow suit. 

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