E-Bikes Vs E-Scooters: Which One is Right for You?

E-Bikes Vs E-Scooters: Which One is Right for You? - GOTRAX

Many individuals aim to simplify their workday commute. Coordinating carpools, preparing breakfast, and making a morning cup of joe are important rituals for early risers. In order to eliminate extra stressors, strategizing a commute that cuts down on cost and time is critical in our fast-paced society. There are several options to choose from when it comes to workday travel, and many workers rely on a combination of options, like booking rideshare, driving personal cars, taking public transportation, walking, and investing in micromobility. In fact, an influx of people are migrating toward micromobility solutions as they are an effective and entertaining transportation accessories.

What are Micro Mobility Vehicles?

The term micromobility refers to lightweight vehicles that travel up to speeds of 28 miles per hour—this category of devices includes e-bikes, e-scooters, one wheels, segways, etc. GOTRAX has a great track record when it comes to micromobility products. We’ve been in the business since 2017, offering customers hoverboards, electric scooters, and electric bikes. Many customers who regularly travel short distances prefer these devices over other types of transportation methods, because they afford owners the convenience of a car at a much lower cost. Plus, the portability of the vehicles creates new opportunities for mixed commutes. Integrating your favorite device into other transit is often seamless—simply stow your e-scooter in the back of your Uber or stash your lightweight hoverboard in a backpack while using public transit services.

E Bike & Electric Scooter Comparison

What Options Does GOTRAX Have to Offer?

Electric Scooter

Apex Electric Folding Scooter

GOTRAX is proud to offer scooter enthusiasts the Apex, our highest performance budget scooter priced at $299. This folding electric scooter is set to top out our GXL V2 specs and only costs $30 more! Equipped with a 250-watt motor, you’ll travel at top speeds of 15.5 mph and conquer hills up to 14 degrees. The 36V 6.0 aH lithium-ion battery is reliable and built to last, allowing you to travel distances up to 15 miles on just a single charge. Plus, our larger display features provide riders with information regarding their scooter stats, like speed, range, and light status. Weighing in at just 32 pounds, the Apex e-scooter is easy to stow and effortlessly folds for easy transport. At GOTRAX, we understand rider’s needs, so our scooters come with both front and rear lights to keep you safe during early morning commutes and late night travels.

Electric Bike

EBE1 Folding Electric Bike

Cycling fanatics and inexperienced riders alike enjoy the EBE1 from GOTRAX. This model, weighing in at just 56 pounds, is a lightweight and foldable e-bike that offers riders powerful output. The 350-watt motor will get you where you’re going, reaching top speed at 15.5 mph, and the 36V 10 aH high capacity battery grants riders a pure electric range of 15.5 miles. If you’re interested in squeezing in a workout, enjoy the EBE1’s pedal assist range of 28 miles. Transporting your e-bike is simple, as it folds for easy storage and won’t weigh you down. While other drivers may understand the rules of the road when it comes to sharing the street with cyclists, we’ve equipped our electric bikes with front and rear lights as an additional safety precaution.

EBE2 Commuter Electric Bike

GOTRAX’s ultimate commuter bike, the EBE2, blends a familiar bike frame with a powerful electric motor and battery. The 350-watt motor will propel you to top speeds of 20 mph, and the 36V 12.5 aH lithium battery supports riders with a pure electric range of 20 miles. Factoring in pedal assistance, you’ll enjoy travel for up to 50 miles! Front and rear lights ensure safety while riding, and the EBE2 is equipped with front shocks. These amenities support cyclists and create a more versatile riding experience with less bumps along the way.

Which Micromobility Vehicle is Right for me?

When it comes time to invest in a device, keep in mind what feels most comfortable and best for your body. While e-bikes are often considered more familiar for first time users, e-scooters are easier on the body, require no pedaling, and allow you to stand upright. Before buying, you’ll also want to consider the distance of your daily commute. If your commute is on the shorter side (five to ten miles), any of these devices will work great. However, if your commute is over 15 miles your best bet is an e-bike. E-bikes offer a longer range and a powerful battery, which makes them the ideal choice for riders looking to travel long distances. Specifically, the EBE2 e-bike is designed with long commutes in mind, as it offers riders the longest range. Whether you’re an e-scooter enthusiast or an e-bike beast, you can’t go wrong with a purchase from GOTRAX. All of our products are backed by a 90-day warranty, and you’ll enjoy fast, free shipping and around-the-clock support from our U.S-based customer service team.

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