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Best New E-Rideables for Kids!

Best New E-Rideables for Kids! - GOTRAX

Gotrax is introducing two new electric rideables for kids! The GKS electric scooter for kids and the SRX Mini hoverboard. Both models have features and safety standards that make them the best choice when buying e-rideables for young children. 

GKS Electric Scooter for Kids

The GKS is an electric scooter for kids completely re-imagined. The new body style only weights 15lbs making it about half as light as the industry standard for kids e-scooters. This way your child will have no problem maneuvering the scooter and it makes it much easier to pack into the trunk or back seat of a car for a quick trip to the park. 

The GKS features a new Safety Start Technology that keeps the motor from engaging until your child has both feet on the deck, allowing them enough time to get into a comfortable position before feeling the torque of the 150Watt motor. 



The GKS is very competitively priced and has higher specs and features than other competing kids e-scooters with a max speed of 10mph and distance of 7.5 miles per charge.

GKS Specs:

Distance - 7.5mi

Speed 10mph

Motor - 150Watts

Max Rider Weight - 154Lbs

Charge Time - 5 Hours

Battery - 25.2V

Tire Size - 6"

Product Dimensions - 32" x 15.2" x 34.2"


SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids

The SRX Mini is the ultimate hoverboard for kids! Hoverboards have always been a bit heavy with their lithium ion batteries for kids to carry, but the SRX Mini with it's unique design also doubles as a carrying handle. 

Although it may be for kids , the GOTRAX SRX Mini still features full size 6" wheels and 300 Watts of power! Kids will love the 4 awesome color combinations and parents can rest easy knowing it's UL2272 Certified Safe. For only $99.99 no doubt the SRX Mini will be a big hit for back to school and the holiday season!

SRX Mini Specs

Distance - 3 mi

Speed - 6.2mph

Max Rider Weight - 132Lbs

Charge Time - 3 to 4 Hours

Motor - 300 Watts (dual 150)

Battery - 24V

Wheel Size - 6.5"

Product Dimensions - 19.6" x 6.8" x 5.9"


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