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Electric scooter for teens is finally here. Introducing the GOTRAX Vibe

Electric scooter for teens is finally here. Introducing the GOTRAX Vibe - GOTRAX

The Vibe is Here: GOTRAX”s New Electric Scooter for Teens 

GOTRAX vibe electric scooter in blue

For years, GOTRAX has been the most reliable name in the electric scooter marketplace. With plenty of adult electric scooters to choose from and a wide arsenal of other gadgets, like electric bicycles and hoverboards, GOTRAX is excited to launch a cutting-edge product called the Vibe. The Vibe, from GOTRAX, is a new electric scooter for teens—it includes a variety of special features great for individuals on-the-go who may not be of legal driving age. Completely customizable when it comes to style, function, and convenience, the Vibe serves as a great introduction to a new hobby. Plus, GOTRAX’s new electric scooter for teens offers a great opportunity for your kids to get outdoors, spend time with a group of friends, or remain active on a daily basis.

GOTRAX’s Vibe Electric Kick Scooter for Teens

motor spec

The Vibe’s 200-watt motor is packed with power, propelling riders forward at top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour and climbing hills up to a 14 degree incline. Plus, our latest scooter boasts an upgraded 24V battery in the stem, which will take you distances of up to seven miles on a single charge. The new battery system offers short circuit and overcharging protection as well as temperature resistance properties. The Vibe also supports riders up to 220 pounds, and the height from the handlebars to the deck is 36.6”use this information to determine whether the Vibe is the right size for you or your riders. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, this new electric scooter for teens is lightweight and compact, especially with its one-touch folding system. It makes the perfect commuting solution for the final trek home from the bus stop or subway station and provides riders an IPX4 waterproof rating. You’ll enjoy a smooth ride atop 6” tires and feel safe enough to ride day or night, thanks to the LED headlight and electronic anti-lock brakes. Perhaps our favorite new feature is the Vibe’s smart display system, which allows you to activate settings like cruise control and check in with your battery life and speedometer. Cruise in style after choosing one of the Vibe’s four new colors options and enjoy your first few trips around the block!

When you order from GOTRAX, enjoy fast and free shipping as well as our 30-day return policy and 90-day warranty. With any questions about your Vibe, reach out to our U.S-based customer support team. We’ll handle any concerns with your new electric scooter for teens and keep you riding on a regular basis.   

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