GOTRAX Hoverfly ION Hoverboard Reviews

GOTRAX Hoverfly ION Hoverboard Reviews - GOTRAX

Looking for reviews of the GOTRAX Hoverfy ION Hoverboard ?

Look no further here we have compiled the internets most popular and shared reviews about our self balancing hoverboard the Hoverfly ION.

#1 Jettlash1000 - Hoverfly ION Youtube Review

With over 5,000 views, Youtube content creator JETTLASH1000 has one of the most popular video reviews of the gotrax hoverfly ion availabe. Make sure to check his video out below!


#2 Closet Samples

Check out the review left by Closet Samples, a parenting blog that featured the hoverfly ion in their 2018 Holiday Gift Guide seen below.

#3 Gadget Review 

This respected tech site Gadget Review reviews all sorts of electric rideables. Read their expert review on the Hoverfly Ion as they go through all the features and specs in a very detailed article.

#4 Amazon Reviews

The amazon reviews for the hoverfly ion rate our item between 4-5 stars with over 150+ reviews from real amazon customers, and is also considered "Amazon's Choice" for Hoverboards!


#5 Walmart.com Reviews

Walmart.com is one of the largest online hoverboard retailers! With reviews only accepted by customers who placed orders they are sure to be authentic! Walmart customers give the Hoverfly ION a 4.5 out of 5 stars! 


Hoverfly ION Specs: 

  • 400 Watts of power
  • 7mph
  • 4 miles per charge
  • Self-Balancing Mode
  • 6.5" Tires
  • 4-5 Hour Charge time
  • Max Weight: 220 LBS


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