Choosing a Hoverboard on Amazon? - Best New Releases of 2019

Choosing a Hoverboard on Amazon? - Best New Releases of 2019 - GOTRAX

It's not surprise that one of the biggest market places in the world for hoverboards is Every day hundreds if not thousands of hoverboards are sold on amazon. With over 500+ different offers it can be tough to search through the pricing, reviews, and features to find the right hoverboard. Not to mention when you do, what seller do you choose? This guide will walk you through what to look for, and our favorite pick for "best hoverboard on amazon"


What to look for when buying a hoverboard on amazon


Amazon users should not only look at the stars, and the amount of reviews, but you should scan a few bad reviews to see when something goes wrong, what does the company do about it? It's innevitable that some orders will be damaged or loss, does the seller stand by their product?

Features & Pricing

You might see some hoverboards as cheap as 129.99 or less on amazon! The issues with these is they are often skimping on features. Here are some things that should be an instant deal breaker

Less than 6" wheels - hoverboards with small wheels can only support tiny riders and are extremely tough to ride.

Does it have bluetooth? Bluetooth hoverboards generally cost more, usually for under $150 it is tough to find one with bluetooth

Warranty included? GOTRAX includes a 90 day warranty beyond the 30 day returns on all hoverboards. Check to see if the seller offers a warranty. 

Do people like the brand? Google the brand name, reviews outside of amazon and check out each brands social media! The brands with the worst complaints generally wont have an active social media account because of complaints from customers.

Seller options 

Sometimes one hoverboards can have offers from many different sellers. When buying a gotrax hoverboard we always recommending buying direct from GO LABS INC. 

Do they offer prime?

What is their seller rating?

Where do they ship from?

Where is their customer service based?

The Best Hoverboard on Amazon

We rank the GOTRAX SRX Bluetooth hoverboard as the #1 Deal on amazon, and here's why....

Best New Release Tag

The GOTRAX SRX has been awarded #1 New Release for 2019 in the Self Balancing Scooters (hoverboards) Category. This list is handpicked by Amazon, based off reviews, sales, customer experience, and features.

It's no doubt that being recognized by Amazon is a big deal! 


4.5/5 star reviews - the highest in the hoverboard category! You'll notice the other hoverboards at the top of the list all have 4 stars or less! Save yourself the hassle and get the real deal from GOTRAX


The SRX offers the most features out of any 1 hoverboard, while other hoveboards have some of these features, almost none share them all!

✓ Bluetooth Speaker
✓ Self Balancing Mode
✓ LED lights
✓ Multiple Color Options
✓ 400 Watts of power 
✓ 36V battery! 
✓ 6.5" Wheels
✓ UL2272 Fire Certification 

    srx bluetooth infographic


    Pricing may vary from our website due to amazon fees and competition. Usually the SRX is priced at $179-$199, with some sales and promotions to save customers money. 

    Check Current Price on Amazon



    Seller Options

    We always recommend buying from GOTRAX, our seller account name is GO LABS INC. Here is why its best to buy direct from our company.

    ✓Prime Available

    ✓30 Day Returns

    ✓US based customer support

    ✓FAST SHIPPING - 24 hour shipping, usually orders are shipped out same day


    ✓Easy to contact - via phone, amazon messages, social media, live chat or email.


    Want to learn more about which hoverboard to choose?  Check out our 2019 hoverboard buyer's guide




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