Keep Your Battery Safe this Winter

Keep Your Battery Safe this Winter - GOTRAX

Batteries are the beating hearts of electric scooters, e-bikes, and all personal electric vehicles (PEVs) so it is important to make sure you take care of it so it can take care of you. Winter is in full swing and with it comes snow, ice, and temperature drops. We'll give you our best tips & tricks on how to keep your battery safe this winter so you'll be ready to ride when all the snow and ice have melted. 


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You don't have to full put away your PEV for months on end. Letting a battery sit for that long is detrimental to its lifespan anyway. Ideally, you can keep your electric scooter or e-bike stored in a warm, dry environment. Freezing temperatures can affect the overall range of your e-scooter and exposure in the elements for too long can cause damage to your battery, controller, or other electronics. When you do bring your PEV be sure to not leave it charging overnight. GOTRAX products have overcharge protection but its best to let it charge with in the 4-5 hour time frame.

Keep it Clean

Slush and snow is a bad combo for any vehicle owner. You'll see dirt and grime caked over a lot of vehicles, especially in cities. Use a soft rag or paper towels to clean off your PEV from time to time. Letting it build up could lead to performance issues. Simply check before and after each ride so that you can catch it before it becomes a problem. You can also get two birds with one stone, check for any damages, tire pressure and brake line tension. Similar to driving a car and adjusting your mirrors before you head out on the road so you can have the safest ride possible. The same concept applies to PEVs.

You can also take the bus or train to avoid getting it as dirty in the first place. All of GOTRAX's adult electric scooters and even a few e-bikes are foldable for easier carrying and storage when not in use. It's ideal to help save space on a crowded bus or train. Please be sure to ride responsibly and don't forget to wear a helmet!

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