Long Beach Starts New Electric Bike Program

Long Beach Starts New Electric Bike Program - GOTRAX

Starting this past Tuesday, Long Beach, California will be launching a "library" of sorts for an electric bike program to foster new users. Officially called the E-Bike Lending Library Program, it will allow people to rent out the bikes, for free, for up to 3 months at a time. 35 e-bikes in total will be placed around the city for residents 18 years and up to rent on a first come, first serve basis. 23 of said bicycles will be reserved for low-income residents.

Woman riding the GOTRAX CTI Step Thru City Electric Bike

According to Long Beach Public Works Traffic Engineer Associate Paul Van Dyk, "It's important that we focus and make sure that these resources aren't gobbled up by just the first person who has the time and the resources to ask for it."

A few business owners in the area also stated the benefits of having the rental program initiated. Mainly due to having more people interested in electric bikes and seeing them as more of a tool rather than just a fancy new trend

The program and applying to it will be available until January 2024. A short window to test the program but a positive step in the right direction for micro-mobility. Programs like these show cities taking the necessary steps for a greener future. Hopefully, we can expect to see a few more of these programs around the country. 

GOTRAX has always promoted such programs on our website and through our communities. We are always looking for new opportunities to promote the personal electric vehicle world. Long Beach is just a starting point, we've seen this in so many other cities as well. It's not necessarily the same kind of program but the variety of programs, incentives, infrastructure, and laws beginning to come is incredibly promising. Just remember where you are riding to do so safely and to wear a helmet!

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