GKS Upgrades: New Kids E-Scooters from GOTRAX

GKS Upgrades: New Kids E-Scooters from GOTRAX - GOTRAX

For years GOTRAX has provided consumers some of the most popular scooters on the electric scooter market. We’ve earned a great reputation for our adult scooters, and our kids scooters are equally well-loved by children of all ages. With this information in mind you may be wondering-- where are all the kids scooters? We’ve got them! GOTRAX came to the rescue when we launched the GKS Kids Electric Scooter; it’s a popular scooter for kids under five feet tall and comes in five fun and unique colors. Now, we’re launching our new and improved line of kids scooters! Read on to learn more about the GKS Lumios and the GKS Plus, two impressive scooters that will make excellent additions to your family’s fleet.


GKS Lumios - Neon Kids Scooter

The newest kids electric scooter from GOTRAX was released just in time for Black Friday and the holiday season. With a comfortable and familiar two-pedal acceleration system, young riders will glide through the streets with ease. The GKS Lumios is available in brand new colors, like blue, green, pink, and grey, and offers innovative new design features. Complete with light up LED wheels, riders will feel safe, stylish, and secure when riding—day or night. Offering a 4.8 max ride distance and a battery size increase of 20%, when compared to the original GKS scooter, the Lumios is sure to impress. Plus, our newest kids electric scooter features a 24v 150 Watt motor which will keep your child cruising at a comfortable 7.5 mph and support riders up to 154 pounds. Built for maximum comfort, the handlebar height can be adjusted and extended anywhere from 32.5-37 inches, based on the rider’s preference. We recommend these devices for riders aged six through twelve and design all GOTRAX gadgets with safety in mind. Six inch solid rubber tires in combination with foot pedal acceleration and a rear wheel fender brake makes the Lumios safe for children and preteens alike. We’re also UL-certified, which means we’re compliant with industry-wide safety standards and prioritize our rider’s security.


GKS Plus - Long Range Kids Scooterf

The highest performance kids scooter from GOTRAX is called the GKS Plus. This electric scooter is equipped with a familiar riding system and two foot pedals that act as an accelerator. Plus, it’s powered by a 25.2V AH battery and offers riders an improved seven mile max ride distance. Travelling at a top speed of 7.5 mph, propelled by a 24V 150 Watt motor, and capable of carrying riders up to 176 pounds, the GKS Plus makes an awesome addition to your child’s transportation toys. Available in pink, blue, red, and black, this new kids scooter from GOTRAX is bright and unique with LED wheels that light up as you ride. Like the GKS Lumios, this scooter is UL-certified and affords a smooth ride with the help of its six inch solid rubber tires. Safety features like foot pedal acceleration and a rear wheel fender break make this device a great option for younger riders as well.


GOTRAX is the way to go when it comes to purchasing a kids electric scooter. We offer fast and free shipping when you order from our website, and our U.S-based customer service is unrivaled. Make sure to order yours today to ensure it arrives just in time for the holiday season.

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