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Out of Stock - Sign up for Discount

Out of Stock - Sign up for Discount - GOTRAX

Hello Gotrax Potential and Existing Customers,



We will be experiencing inventory shortages on adult electrics scooters over the next few weeks.

For now we will do our best to keep the GXL V2 & Rival in stock on Amazon and Walmart, and we'll maintain our every day low price of $249.99 

Our next inventory to arrival will be the XR Elite seen here, potentially orders can start shipping as soon as 7/20. Please sign up for our out of stock email, and you'll receive an early notice when we restock + a coupon that will give a better discount than you can find anywhere else.

We're sorry for the lack of inventory but we hope that by August we'll be restocked. In the meantime follow GOTRAX Social media for the latest news. 

Thank You,

GOTRAX Team Members

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