Pittsburgh Electric Scooter Pilot Phase Ends

Mayor Ed Gainey of Pittsburgh announced that electric scooters will no longer be operable starting July 10th. It marks two years on the month since the program began in 2021. They were originally added as a part of the Move Pittsburgh or Move PGH program from the city's Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. 

Woman riding the GOTRAX Flex Campus Commuter Electric Scooter

The other modes of transportation and micromobility will be still be available and operate as normal but with out intervention from the state to continue, electric scooters will no longer be allowed to operate in the city once the program ends. A press release from  Pittsburghers for Public Transit cited complaints from older residents and those with mobility issues who "have long raised concerns about scooters and their prioritization in the City's transportation policy." The group also took note of an all too common trait with rental models of electric scooters being left on sidewalks instead of parked in the appropriate areas. However, during its tenure the program allowed for over 1,000,000 trips to be taken on electric scooters and the city of Pittsburgh "will continue to work with state legislators to reauthorize this critical mode of transportation," so for fans of the program hope is not lost. 

A Landscape Photo Drone Shot of the City of Pittsburgh

GOTRAX will always promote the use of electric scooters and micromobility. Our whole mission is to get people out of their cars and onto more sustainable, commuter friendly means of transportation. Although, it is also up to the riders to be responsible on their electric scooters and treat their fellow commuters how they would want to be treated. Just don't forget a helmet if you end up getting an escooter of your own!

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX.