Product Overview: The F1 V2 Folding Electric Bike

Product Overview: The F1 V2 Folding Electric Bike - GOTRAX

The F1 is back and better than ever. Our entry-level model of folding electric bike has received an upgrade, and we’re excited to show off what it has to offer now. Today, we’ll be highlighting all of the changes we made to the F1 to create the ultimate e-bike experience on its successor, the F1 Version 2.0

Larger Battery Size

The F1 V2 has gone from a 7.8Ah battery to a 10.4Ah battery, significantly improving its range. The new battery powers the bike for up to 50 miles per charge. Now you can go even farther without needing to charge your bike, keeping your adventures going for longer than ever.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike focusing on the battery.

Improved Brakes

The F1 V2 features higher-quality brakes than its predecessor, giving you the best possible control of your bike. These new brakes ensure that all of your stops are quick, secure, and confident, even at full speed.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike's brakes .

Color Display

The F1 V2 now displays all of its important information and riding stats in full color. The new color LCD display is more visually appealing and easier to read, keeping you in the know at all times.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike's full color display.

Better Seating

The F1 V2 is an absolute breeze to ride thanks to its new seat. To ensure the very best for our riders, went out of our way to find an ultra-comfortable seat for our newest model: you won’t need to worry about riding long distances on a seat like this.

A closeup of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike's more comfortable seat.

Simpler Starting

Riders of the original F1 will need to have their key in the battery and turned on to operate their ride. To keep your rides quick and convenient, we made things even easier for the F1 V2. Now, you won't need to use the key to start your ride: you'll only need it to unlock and remove the battery.

A shot of a woman riding the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike with simpler starting.

More Visible Brake Lights 

Thanks to its new brake lights, the F1 V2 is even safer than ever. The rear brake lights have been switched to flashing brake lights, giving pedestrians, motorists, and other riders even quicker notice of your intentions and allowing them to react accordingly. 

A closeup of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike's upgraded flashing brake lights.

Free Accessories

The new version of the F1 comes with a host of beneficial extra accessories, including a phone holder, rearview mirror, tire lever, seat bag, and folding lock! These accessories help you stay safe, secure your bike, transport your things, and so much more. 

A closeup of the folding lock and the seat bag, two of the five free accessories that come with the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike.

New Color

We love the black and white options the F1 already comes in, but we thought it could use a splash of color. Alongside its original colors, F1 V2 now comes in an eye-catching dark green. 

A shot of the GOTRAX F1 V2 folding electric bike showcasing the new green color.

The F1 V2 takes everything you loved about its predecessor and makes it even better. We encourage all dedicated fans and prospective riders of folding electric bikes to give this new version a spin: you won’t be disappointed. 

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