Product Overview: The F2 Electric Bike

Product Overview: The F2 Electric Bike - GOTRAX

Introducing the F2 Step-Through Electric Bike. You'll notice one of its best features is apparent upon first view, an easy mount-dismount step through frame so you can get to riding quicker and avoid some of the problems you face when trying to get on a normal bike. Let's start braking down what makes the second entry in our F-Series the right choice for you. 

The F2 comes with front wheel suspension and impressive 20" x 3" tires so you can ride on any road and most off-road trails. Potholes, cracks and any other obstacles don't stand a chance if you're on this e-bike. Ideally, you can avoid such pitfalls but you are bound to run into some especially if you utilize the max range of up to 40 miles per charge. However, they will quickly be behind you when you reach a max speed of 20 mph. The F2 can achieve such range and speed thanks to the 36V 10.4aH battery as well as the 500 Watt rear wheel motor. Furthermore, the F2 has 5 different speed settings you can control on your LED digital display, putting you in control of how fast you want to go. If you feel the need for speed then set it up to level 5 and take off! It is also incredibly helpful up those steeper inclines on your ride. Utilize level 1 if you're looking for a small assist while still getting a good work out it. Finally, the rear storage rack is a great addition for those who often find themselves overpacking. Perfect for picnics in the park or just extra space when your backpack is too full. 
Woman riding GOTRAX White F2 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults with Front Wheel Suspension
We recommend the F2 for city commuters who like to take it to and from work but also like the advantages of having a little extra range when they clock-out for the day. This e-bike offers plenty of features to support off-road riding as well so don't hesitate to bring it with you on your next camping trip. Remember to bring the helmets too!
Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX. 

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