Product Overview: The F5 Electric Bike

Product Overview: The F5 Electric Bike - GOTRAX

Our final entry into our F-Series of e-bikes. This is the ultimate folding e-bike. Introducing the F5 Electric bike. An all new, unique design and color scheme is sure to be a stand out on the bike path. 

Woman riding a GOTRAX F5 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults with Fat Tires and Front Wheel SuspensionThe F5 sturdy frame, front wheel suspension and 20" x 4" air-filled pneumatic tires allow it to handle a max weight of up to 265lbs. One of the most unique features of this e-bike, other than the step-through frame, isn't noticeable on first glance. The 48V 13.6aH (652.8Wh) lithium-ion battery is removable with just a few turns of the key. You can remove the battery so you can leave the bike in the garage to charge your battery inside. That removable battery paired with the rear wheel 500 Watt motor brings you to a top speed of 20mph for up to an impressive 45 miles per charge. Control said speed with your LED digital display and the five pedal assist speed settings available that can also help manage your battery life. However, if you want to go full throttle, the F5 can reach a max range of up to 28 miles per charge on throttle alone. It is truly sits alone at the top of our F-Series thanks to its impressive range and mix of features. 
A man riding downhill on a GOTRAX F5 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults with a Front Wheel Suspension
We'd recommend the F5 to riders who truly need the most out of their e-bike. 45 miles gives you plenty of charge to get to work, get home and then some. It's fat-tires paired up with the front wheel suspension can handle just about any kind of commute you have. We almost forgot to mention the signature foldability of the F-series that can lets you pack up the F5 and store it without taking up an inordinate amount of space. Just remember to respect the rules of the road or trail and wear your helmet on every ride.
Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX! 

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