Quick RECAP: GOTRAX at Seattle Electrify EXPO

Quick RECAP: GOTRAX at Seattle Electrify EXPO - GOTRAX

GOTRAX took Seattle by storm but luckily it was nothing but clear and sunny skies during the Electrify Expo. This event is a way for electric cars, bikes, scooters and other vehicles all to be in the same space to promote clean commuting and display the latest and greatest available in the electric market.

GOTRAX was able to show off our top two models of electric scooter, the GMAX Ultra and G Pro, to our riders and a few newcomers to the personal electric vehicle scene. 

GOTRAX Employee talking to a Woman and Man about the GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter for Adults at the Electrify EXPO in Seattle

People would line up to give our electric scooters a test ride at the RideShare section of the EXPO for e-scooters. After a quick debrief for first time scooter riders they could take a few laps to see what the GMAX Ultra could do.

Man and Woman riding GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter's for Adults at the Electrify Expo in Seattle

After their ride, people could stop by our booth to talk to our staff. People could ask questions, or get a quick overview of some of the features GOTRAX electric scooters have to offer. 

GOTRAX Employee talking with Man about GOTRAX Electric Scooters and Products at the Electrify EXPO in Seattle.

We love every chance we can get to introduce GOTRAX to new people and to talk with current riders. GOTRAX plans on having a team at the Electrify EXPO's in Miami, Florida and Austin, Texas later this year as well so be sure to stay tuned to our socials when dates get announced!  

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